Managers: Ferguson gives City initiative

Manchester United 4-4 Everton

Sir Alex Ferguson: "We've given (Manchester City) the initiative, there is no doubt about that. It makes the game at the Etihad a really important game. A decider really. There has been an expectancy from City that it could be their decider, but it's our decider too. There were defensive lapses. Their goals were really soft. It was a real shock for us to defend like that. It was a travesty of a result in some ways but we made it difficult for ourselves and if you look at our history we keep doing that. We've thrown a game away that we should be coasting. But we didn't so we have given ourselves a difficult task."

David Moyes: "I am really disappointed people would question their character. It is a bit insulting because I would hate to think people either wouldn't understand me or the culture of Everton. At 4-2, did I think we were going to get back into it? I thought it would be very tough. But I felt we would definitely score one more goal, it was whether there would be enough time to get an equaliser. I was moaning at the referee because he made a decision for them and didn't equal it up for us (when play was stopped for a Jonny Evans injury but not for Steven Pienaar). I couldn't understand it. It was a hard day from that point of view."

Liverpool 0-1 West Bromwich Albion

Kenny Dalglish: "(Steven Gerrard’s absence) was just precautionary. Precautionary, he'll be okay. It's not just been one of those days; it's been like that seven or eight times here. After we won the Carling Cup, we came back and played Arsenal and we were brilliant. We got to the final last week after beating Everton and they came out today and were excellent again. It's great credit to the players that they continued to go at the opposition and they made chance after chance. The woodwork, again, wasn't our best friend. The players showed great resolve in the way they went about their work and because of that they made a lot of chances on goal but they just couldn't get a break. There's not much else that we can add to what we've said before so many times after a game at Anfield."

Roy Hodgson: "It really was a magnificent rearguard action and the other great satisfaction for me today, of course, was the support I got from both sets of fans. I was a bit concerned coming back here. Everyone said 'you'll get a decent reception' and I was really pleased they treated me so well. Obviously I didn't repay them too well by coming away with a victory but it was nice that both sets of fans today gave me the reception that I was really rather hoping for. (Liverpool) piled on the pressure, especially in the second half. It was a hard-working, really gritty performance at this stage of season, where we don't have quite so much to play for. I've got to be really proud of the team."

Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-2 Manchester City

Terry Connor: "It's tough - a raw day. We knew coming in we had to try and win it - it is raw for the players, staff, supporters and everyone connected to Wolves. It probably will be for a few days. (The fans) were superb today and for the majority of the season they've been great. Today is a raw, emotional day. I understand they'll be hurting over the next weeks to come. The lads gave everything over the course of the season. It's obvious we haven't been good enough. But we need to be competitive in the final three games. We have to show absolute integrity. Over 35 games we were not good enough to stay in the league. I've been very honest in what I've tried to do with players and the club. I have nothing to reproach myself from over the last 10 games. The reason we've failed today is over 35. I just want to get through to May 13th and get as many points as possible. I need all the players to commit to that and then sit down as a club and plot the future."

Roberto Mancini: "I am pleased with this form but now we have three very difficult games, it could not be more difficult. We are there - I think they have a bigger chance, more than us in this moment. But we have another chance. I don't think it was a good performance like against Norwich and West Brom, our performance was not perfect. We needed to win this game, maybe we thought before the game it was easy but I told them before it was difficult. We had more chances to score - for this I am unhappy. I think in the end it was important to win this game."

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