Masked Singer winner Charlie Simpson reacts to being guessed easily on the show

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The Masked Singer winner on being guessed easilyITV

Charlie Simpson was recently crowned the winner of The Masked Singer – but many fans guessed the Busted singer was under Rhino’s mask before the final, due to his distinctive sound.

Speaking about whether he was disappointed to be rumbled so quickly, Charlie said to Digital Spy: "I wasn’t disappointed as I really didn’t try and disguise my voice. It’s a compliment, really.

"Trending on Twitter was just Busted, Charlie Simpson and James Arthur all trending together, which must have really annoyed James Arthur.

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"I just wanted to sing as well as I could, I didn’t want to disguise my voice."

Bandmate Matt Willis added: "I was so glad you didn’t, because I don’t think people really knew how good a singer Charlie is.

"When you heard him on that, it's like, ‘Holy shit, this guy has got some f**king pipes’."

joel dommett, charlie simpson, the masked singer uk

The group recently announced they are embarking on a tour to celebrate their 20th anniversary, as well as releasing a special versions of their top tracks.

They'll be joined on the record by bands such as Simple Plan, All Time Low and McFly as well as some special surprises.

"There’s also a bunch of people on the album that you wouldn’t expect to be on the album," Charlie said. "We want to release them before the tour, and we can’t wait for fans to just hear this.

"Most of the people we have doing it, you could recognise their voice in a second. We should do it Masked Singer style."

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Speaking of their decision to re-record their songs, he continued: "The way we play songs now is quite different from the way they are on the original records.

"I think we’ve made them more exciting. They were exciting originally, but we’ve grown over time and we wanted to capture as we play them now.

"Also, we wanted to get other bands that we loved growing up, or ones that we’ve written with, to do it with us."

James Bourne added: "It’s not that we don’t want to do new albums too, but this is 20 years of Busted and we wanted to do the most exciting thing possible for all those fans that have been with us for 20 years.

"The fans wanted this."

Tickets for Busted’s tour go on general sale on March 31, with presale beginning March 29.

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