Mike Perry suffers horrific broken nose in UFC bout with Vicente Luque

Adam Hamdani

MMA fighter Mike Perry suffered a horrific broken nose during a bloody encounter with Vicente Luque at UFC Fight Night 156 in Uruguay.

Luque, who won the fight on points, landed a flying knee kick to Perry’s face in the final minute of the third round that shunted his nose across his face.

As the two welterweight fighters fell to the canvas, a stream of blood poured from Perry’s nose.

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UFC president Dana White shared a picture of the American’s face on Twitter after the fight.

One user described it as “One of the worst broken noses I’ve ever seen!” Another said: “Easily worst nose break I’ve seen in a fight ever. Perry and Luque are tough as hell.”

The judges scored 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 in favour of Luque.

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