Most Americans Would Give Up Alcohol, Junk Food, and the Internet for Their Pets, Survey Finds



It's pets over pretty much everything for the respondents of a recent survey.

Pet CBD brand Honest Paws surveyed over 1,000 American pet owners to see what they would be willing to sacrifice for their beloved furry friend. The results revealed cat and dog parents are willing to compromise on a lot for their pets.

The figurative lengths pets owners would go for their fluffy loved ones don't stop there. According to Honest Paws, 67 percent of survey participants were willing to give up the internet for a year, while 70% said they would ditch their smartphone for 365 days for their pet. Of those surveyed, 96 percent said they would rather give up all junk food and alcohol if it meant keeping their pet.

Many of the survey's pet owners were willing to give up even more, including making some major changes to their personal life. Fifty-six percent of participating pet owners said they would end a relationship if their partner didn't like their pet, and 25 percent said they would cut off a friend or family member that didn't get along with their four-legged friend.

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Money wasn't an object for most pet parents as well. Eighty-one percent of surveyed pet owners said they would spend $500 on their pets before themselves, and 83 percent would take on another job if needed to cover their pet's healthcare expenses.

Visit Honest Paws to see the full survey results and how far you would be willing to go for the furry friend in your life.