The NBA is trying to prevent partying at All-Star Weekend and all signs say they are going to fail miserably

Scott Davis
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Adam Silver. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
  • The NBA is hosting a fan-less All-Star Weekend in Atlanta on March 6-7.

  • Despite Atlanta's mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver discouraging partying, there are promotions for parties throughout the city during the weekend.

  • Brookhaven, a suburb of Atlanta, extended pouring hours for bars and restaurants until 4 A.M. for the weekend.

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As the NBA prepares for its All-Star Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, many fans don't seem to be heeding Adam Silver's words about avoiding parties.

The NBA is going forward with its All-Star Game and skills competition, despite player objections, but will be holding the event without fans or public events during the weekend due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Players will be flying in on private planes and under strict quarantine rules.

Silver told ESPN on Wednesday that this year's event is a "television-only" event.

"The message within the NBA community is that we're going to be operating in a mini-bubble," Silver said. "There will be no NBA functions [for fans] to participate in. We appreciate their support and hope they'll watch our All-Star Game on television ... This is a television-only event in Atlanta."

However, the discouragement doesn't seem to be working. Eventbrite is flooded with listings for All-Star Weekend parties in the Atlanta metro area. According to Front Office Sports, over 700 parties this weekend are found under a search for "All-Star Game Party."

The city of Brookhaven, a suburb of Atlanta, recently extended pouring hours for bars for the weekend, allowing them to stay open until 4 A.M.

"I think in terms of the nightlife in Atlanta, the state of Georgia has made a decision to keep its restaurants and clubs open," Silver said. "That's their right to make that decision. All we can do, on behalf of the NBA, is commit to them that we will not be participating in any way, in that nightlife.

"Our players are going to be in a work-quarantine protocol while they are in Atlanta."

Some of the weekend's parties include big names. Rapper Bobby Shmurda promoted on Instagram two parties he is hosting - one with Meek Mill, another with 50 Cent - this weekend in Atlanta.

Anthony Jennings, an Atlanta-based DJ told Channel 2 Action News: "It's gonna be on and popping. I got people coming down from DC, Virginia, Charlotte. People are still coming here."

According to Channel 2 Action News, police will still monitor bars and restaurants to check that they are following safety guidelines and capacity restrictions. Still, police are reportedly concerned about parties becoming super-spreader events.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has repeatedly discouraged people from partying.

"I have shared my concerns related to public health and safety with the NBA and Atlanta Hawks," Bottoms said in February. "We are in agreement that this is a made-for-TV event only, and people should not travel to Atlanta to party."

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