Olympian Adam Peaty Just Shared His Intense Core Workout

Record-breaking competitive swimmer Adam Peaty may have ended his eight-year winning streak in the 100-meter breaststroke event at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, but he also unlocked a new achievement this week when he won gold in the 50 meters for the first time, adding yet another medal to his growing collection of Olympic, World and Commonwealth championship titles. In a recent video posted to his YouTube channel, Peaty shared some insight into how he trained for core strength and stability prior to the Games earlier this year at his training camp in Tenerife.

After kicking off the Saturday session with several circuits of exhausting 50, 100 and 200 meter swimming drills, Peaty performs a series of balance exercises on a roller board which also function as stretches for his fatigued muscles. "On a Saturday you're normally battered and really sore and tight," he says. "The best thing about this is it will really open those pathways up so on a Sunday you're not sore or anything."

He follows these with ab rollouts, including a variation where he leans on the board with his elbows to open up the thoracic spine, and then he moves the board to his feet to activate his hip flexors, abductors, hamstrings and calves. Peaty then finishes the workout with some horizontal ab-torching staples, including crunches, dead bugs, and V-sits.

"This is the thing that people don't see, is the amount of effort you have to go in to avoid getting injured, and to increase performance," he says. "You know 10 sessions a week, 5K each, yeah it's going to be tough, but then you've got your nutrition, your psychology, your physiology, physiotherapy. It literally takes up 35 hours, 40 hours of the week."

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