Pakistan vs England LIVE: Cricket score and result as Phil Salt blasts England to victory in Lahore

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England have no room for manoeuvre if they want to be triumphant in their seven-match T20I series against Pakistan. The hosts won the fifth game on Wednesday evening in a low scoring contest and now lead the series 3-2 with two matches to play.

Batting first, Pakistan set England a reachable target of 147 from their 20 overs but a collapse in the powerplay saw them fall to 31-3 with Alex Hales, Phil Salt and Ben Duckett all going cheaply. England managed to recover thanks to Moeen Ali’s 51 not out but they required 15 runs from the final over and some brilliant death bowling from debutant Aamir Jamal saw them fall eight runs short of victory.

This defeat comes on the back of another failed chase in the fourth T20I where England lost by four runs after Reece Topley ran himself out with five balls left in the innings. The tourists should have won both games and the consequence of these losses mean England must win the final two matches in Lahore to be victorious in the series. Can they get the job done this evening?

Follow all the action from the sixth T20I between Pakistan and England in Lahore:

Pakistan vs England

  • England win by eight wickets and drew level in the series!

  • 150 UP! Duckett takes one and England have 150, 20 runs left to win

  • Wicket! Dawid Malan 26 (18) lbw b. Shadab, England 128-2 (9.3)

  • 100 UP! Incredible batting from England sees them bring up 100 in just seven overs

  • 50! Phil Salt brings his fifty up from just 19 balls

  • Wicket! Alex Hales 27 (12) c. Dahani b. Shadab, England 55-1 (3.5)

  • 50 UP! England bring up their half-century off just three overs

  • End of innings: Pakistan 169-6 (20)

  • Moeen Ali wins the toss and bowls first

  • England trail seven-match series 3-2

Phil Salt powers England to emphatic win over Pakistan as series goes to decider

19:14 , Michael Jones

Phil Salt blew Pakistan away with a punishing 88 not out as England took their seven-match Twenty20 series all the way to a decider.

Needing victory to tie the scores at 3-3, and with two unsuccessful chases in a row under their belts, the tourists romped to an eight-wicket win on the back of Salt’s brilliance.

Faced with a target of 170, Salt blazed away in style to make a tricky target look inconsequential. The Lancashire opener hit three sixes and 13 fours in a 41-ball stay, easily outstripping his previous high of 57 in the format.

The tour now moves to its conclusion, with everything on the line in Lahore on Sunday.

Phil Salt powers England to emphatic win over Pakistan as series goes to decider

England win by eight wickets and draw series level at 3-3!

18:58 , Michael Jones

The seventh and final T20I of the series takes place on Sunday at 3.30pm BST in Lahore once again.

England win by eight wickets!

18:48 , Michael Jones

It’s a job well done for England. At the halfway stage it seemed as though Pakistan had set a tricky total for a chase but Phil Salt and Alex Hales set the tone early on and blasted the ball to all parts.

Dawid Malan and Ben Duckett both chipped in with 26 runs apiece but Salt batted throughout to end with 88*.

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England 170-2 (14.3), Salt 87, Duckett 26, Wasim 0-27 (2.3), England require 170 runs to win

18:45 , Michael Jones

England win by eight wickets! Phil Salt smokes Mohammad Wasim away through cover to win the game for England. They’ve knocked this off at a canter with five and a half overs to spare.

England drew the series level at 3-3 with one game left to play. What a series this is!

Salt is the hero for England and finishes with 87* from 41 balls.

England 166-2 (14), Salt 85, Duckett 25, Jamal 0-30 (2), England require 170 runs to win

18:41 , Michael Jones

Aamer Jamal is brought back on and Salt tries to cut him away but doesn’t beat the man at backward point. The next delivery is short again and Salt doesn’t miss out a second time. He pulls one over the bowlers head and collects four!

11 runs to win. Three singles come from the next three balls before Duckett pulls Jamal away for another four!

Just four runs needed now.

England 155-2 (13), Salt 81, Duckett 20, Nawaz 0-43 (4), England require 170 runs to win

18:35 , Michael Jones

Phil Salt swings and misses at one but Mohammad Haris whips the bails off and appeals for a stumping. It’s clear from the replay though that he’s safely back in his crease.

Duckett ends the over with a four! Just 15 needed for England now.

England 150-2 (12.3), Salt 80, Duckett 16, Nawaz 0-38 (3.3), England require 170 runs to win

18:32 , Michael Jones

22 runs needed from 48 balls.

Mohammad Nawaz is going to bowl out too. Phil Salt smashes him down the ground for one and Duckett follows him with a push to long-on to bring up the 150!

England 148-2 (12), Salt 79, Duckett 15, Shadab 2-34 (4), England require 170 runs to win

18:31 , Michael Jones

Shadab Khan is going to finish his four overs. Phil Salt looks to carve him over cow corner but an edge takes the ball to third man for a couple.

A single brings Duckett back on strike and he nails a reverse sweep over cover for four runs! Duckett then follows up with a regular sweep through square-leg and brings up another boundary!

13 runs come from the over as Duckett pulls one away for two more off the last ball.

England 135-2 (11), Salt 76, Duckett 5, Nawaz 0-37 (3), England require 170 runs to win

18:26 , Michael Jones

Mohammad Nawaz is back. Pakistan have fielders on the fence now so it’s trickier to find the boundary but the run-rate isn’t a problem anymore and England can knock this off in ones and twos.

Four singles come from the first four balls before Duckett attempts a reverse sweep and is rattled on the pads. Babar Azam sends it upstairs for a review, is this one close?

No, it’s hit him outside the off stump. Not out. Six runs come from the over.

England 129-2 (10), Salt 74, Duckett 1, Shadab 2-21 (3), England require 170 runs to win

18:17 , Michael Jones

Ben Duckett is the new man and he nudges the ball into the legside to get off the mark with is second delivery. Shadab finishes his third over with a dot ball.

Just one run and one wicket from the over but England are well ahead at the halfway stage. 41 runs required to win and level the series.

Wicket! Dawid Malan 26 (18) lbw b. Shadab, England 128-2 (9.3)

18:15 , Michael Jones

So unlucky! Shadab Khan gets one to skip along the floor and keep low as he bowls to Dawid Malan. Malan attempts to jab his bat donw onto the ball but misses it and it strikes him bang in front of the stumps on the pads.

He sends it upstairs for a review but it’s plum and he has to go.

England 128-1 (9.2), Salt 74, Malan 26, Shadab 1-20 (2.2), England require 170 runs to win

18:13 , Michael Jones

Just 42 runs needed for England now as Dawid Malan knocks back a couple of dot balls to Shadab Khan.

England 128-1 (9), Salt 74, Malan 26, Dahani 0-33 (2), England require 170 runs to win

18:11 , Michael Jones

England need 53 from 72 balls as Dahani comes back on. Malan drives him away for a single to the point boundary and Salt takes one to long-on.

Only two overs in England’s innings have gone for less than 10 runs so far. It’s brilliant batting.

A slower ball from Dahani is clubbed away by Salt who hits it on the full toss and leaves the boundary fielder with no chance to stop it. Four more.

Salt gets lucky next up and attempts a hook shot to a bouncer. He gets a thick top edge and the ball flies to fine leg for four. 11 runs from the over.

England 117-1 (8), Salt 65, Malan 24, Shadab 1-20 (2), England require 170 runs to win

18:06 , Michael Jones

68 runs needed from 78 balls as Shadab Khan returns. He’s been the only bowler to cause problems for England and the batters take him for a single apiece from the opening two balls.

Malan then plays against the turn and cover drives Shadab away for four runs! That’s a 50 partnership between these two.

And again! Malan belts another one through extra-cover and it’s back-to-back boundaries for England’s number three.

Stop it Phil Salt. He rocks back and lifts Shadab over to the long-on boundary for another four! It’s raining boundaries. 15 runs from the over.

England 102-1 (7), Salt 60, Malan 14, Jamal 0-20 (1), England require 170 runs to win

18:01 , Michael Jones

Malan’s confidence is growing. He smokes Jamal away through the offside for four before nudging a single into the gap at midwicket for one.

Salt is back on strike and mullers Jamal over to midwicket twice! The first shot bounces inside the ropes for four but the second clears them and Salt collects six!

20 runs from the over and England bring up their 100!

England 87-1 (6.2), Salt 50, Malan 9, Jamal 0-5 (0.2), England require 170 runs to win

17:58 , Michael Jones

England need just 88 runs from 84 deliveries. They smashed 82 runs from the powerplay and now just need to play smartly and the game should be theirs.

Aamer Jamal comes on to bowl at Phil Salt who immediately latches onto a full, wide one and gets four! The next ball is turned into the legside for one and Salt brings up his 50 with a strike-rate of 263.

England 82-1 (6), Salt 45, Malan 9, Wasim 0-25 (2), England require 170 runs to win

17:55 , Michael Jones

England need less than 100 and the powerplay isn’t over yet. They require 96 from 90 balls as Mohammad Wasim is brought back on.

Wasim draws the outside edge from Dawid Malan but the ball flies away to third man for four! This is a better stroke though as Malan leans into push through midwicket and beats the fielder. This one runs away to the boundary as well.

Eight runs from the over!

England 74-1 (5), Salt 45, Malan 1, Nawaz 0-30 (2), England require 170 runs to win

17:51 , Michael Jones

Phil Salt and Alex Hales have brough the required run-rate down to just above seven runs per over but Salt doesn’t look like letting up.

Mohammad Nawaz returns and Salt smashes him over the legside for four runs. The England opener then gives himself some room outside leg and lifts the ball over cover for another bounday.

Six! This one goes straight down the ground and Salt clears the ropes! Incredible batting from him. Salt ends the over with another banger down the ground but only gets four this time.

19 runs from the over.

England 55-1 (4), Salt 27, Malan 0, Shadab 1-5 (1), England require 170 runs to win

17:46 , Michael Jones

Shadab Khan gets the much needed breakthrough for Pakistan. Dawid Malan is the new batter for England. He could do with a score.

Wicket! Alex Hales 27 (12) c. Dahani b. Shadab, England 55-1 (3.5)

17:45 , Michael Jones

Got him! Alex Hales looks for the big sweep and spoons the ball straight up into the air where is drops to Shahnawaz Dahani at short fine leg who clings onto the catch.

England lose their first wicket.

England 55-0 (3.4), Salt 27, Hales 27, Shadab 0-5 (0.4), England require 170 runs to win

17:44 , Michael Jones

Can Shadab Khan stem the flow of runs for Pakistan? Salt dinks the leg-spinner away for a single before Hales works the ball out to the boundary for two more.

Hales and Salt share another couple of singles.

England 50-0 (3), Salt 26, Hales 23, Wasim 0-17 (1), England require 170 runs to win

17:40 , Michael Jones

Runs! Mohammad Wasim is introduced into the attack and sends a full, straight ball down to Phil Salt who blasts it over the top for a boundary over mid-off!

After Salt gets off strike Wasim bangs one in at Alex Hales who looks to cut it away and misses the ball. He plants his feet for the next delivery and swipes the ball through midwicket for four more!

A quicker short is then pulled over the top of short fine leg and Hales helps himself to another four. The boundaries are flowing in Lahore.

Three in a row! Hales spanks the ball down the ground, beating the fielder and collecting his third boundary of the over! 50 up for England too!

England 33-0 (2), Salt 21, Hales 11, Dahani 0-22 (1), England require 170 runs to win

17:34 , Michael Jones

Oh lovely! Shahnawaz Dahani is given the ball to open up from the other end and starts with a good length delivery that Salt drills down the ground for four runs!

The bowler responds with a short ball down legside that Salt hooks over fine leg for six! Phil Salt is flying out there now.

Hales gets into the action as well! This is a controlled cut through point, Hales finds the gap and the ball flies away for four more!

And again! This time Hales goes up and over extra-over. He smokes it out of the middle of the bat and clears the ropes for another six. Dahani has gone around the park in this over.

22 runs have come from it!

England 11-0 (1), Salt 10, Hales 1, Nawaz 0-11 (1), England require 170 runs to win

17:28 , Michael Jones

Four runs! Phil Salt backs away and slices the first ball of the innings past backward point for the first boundary of the innings. It was very fortunate though as the fielder almost got a finger to it!

There’s nothing fortunate about this shot though. Salt thumps the ball through the gap between midwicket and mid-on and collects four more!

Salt then gets off strike and Alex Hales calmly drives the ball away to long-off to get off the mark as well. Great start for England, 11 runs from the over.

England 0-0 (0), Salt 0, Hales 0, Nawaz 0-0 (0), England require 170 runs to win

17:25 , Michael Jones

England’s reply is about to get underway. Alex Hales and Phil Salt will open the batting with left-arm spinner Mohammad Nawaz taking the new ball for Pakistan.

End of innings: Pakistan 169-6

17:20 , Michael Jones

Sam Curran was the pick of England’s bowlers picking up 2-26 from his four overs. Reece Topley bowled well too but took some serious tap in the final over which went for 19 runs.

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End of innings: Pakistan 169-6

17:16 , Michael Jones

Babar Azam starred for Pakistan once again who set England 170 runs to win this sixth and penultimate T20I. The captain finished with 87* from 59 balls with seven fours and three sixes.

Can England knock this off and bring the series level at 3-3? It’ll be a tricky chase.

Wicket! Mohammad Nawaz 12 (7) c. Brook b. Topley, Pakistan 169-6 (20)

17:13 , Michael Jones

The innings comes to an end with a wicket for Reece Topley. Mohammad Nawaz attempts to launch another one into the crowd but picks out Harry Brook and long off.

Pakistan 169-5 (19.5), Babar 87, Nawaz 12, Topley 0-31 (3.5)

17:12 , Michael Jones

Four runs! Topley attempts a slower ball bouncer but Babar gets inside it and hooks the ball away for four to the fine leg boundary!

Pakistan’s captain is teeing off! The next ball is full and Babar smokes it over long leg for six! A thick edge then brings him another couple. That’s 12 runs from the first three balls.

A better delivery from Topley brings a leg bye but more importantly gets Babar off strike with two balls to go. What can Nawaz do here?

It’s huge! Nawaz rocks back and mullers Topley into the stands! Six more! This is a massive over for Pakistan. 19 from it so far...

Pakistan 150-5 (19), Babar 75, Nawaz 6, Curran 2-26 (4)

17:07 , Michael Jones

Sam Curran will bowl the penultimate over for England. He’s had a great night so far but can he finish it off? Babar takes him for one but a hoick across the line brings Nawaz two runs... Reece Topley does brilliantly on the boundary to keep the ball from crossing the line.

A slower ball from Curran almost does for Nawaz but he manages to drive it for one to get Babar back on strike.

Four runs! A much needed boundary comes for Pakistan and Babar drops back into his crease and pulls the ball away to the deep midwicket boundary.

Pakistan’s 150 comes up as well with a leg bye. One over to go!

Pakistan 141-5 (18), Babar 70, Nawaz 3, Topley 0-13 (3)

17:02 , Michael Jones

Reece Topley has two overs to go and starts well against Babar Azam. Two wide deliveries bring dot balls before the captain collects a single for the hosts.

Nawaz blocks one into the legside and gets off the mark before an inside edge from Babar skews the ball into the slip cordon for another one.

Just five runs come from the over as Nawaz scrambles back for two from the last ball.

Wicket! Asif Ali 9 (9) c. Topley b. Willey, Pakistan 136-5 (17)

16:58 , Michael Jones

Got him! Willey finishes with a wicket as Asif Ali uppercuts a short ball over to the fielder at the deep point boundary. Reece Topley is there and he clings onto the catch.

Pakistan 136-4 (16.3), Babar 68, Asif 9, Willey 1-32 (3.3)

16:56 , Michael Jones

A full toss from David Willey is guided behind square by Babar Azam and some great fielding on the boundary from Sam Curran keeps it to two runs.

Another low full toss is pounced on this time and Babar drills it over extra-cover for six runs! Pressure on Willey.

He responds with a short ball that Pakistan’s captain slaps away for one.

Pakistan 127-4 (16), Babar 59, Asif 9, Gleeson 1-39 (4)

16:51 , Michael Jones

Four runs! Gleeson is brought back on and bangs a short ball in at Asif who hooks him away to the legside boundary for four! Another short ball catches the edge but the ball lands safely down to third man.

Oh my! Gleeson pushes one fuller and Babar Azam laces a huge drive over the top and clears the ropes for six runs! That’s 3000 runs in T20I cricket for Babar who reaches the landmark in just 81 innings - a joint record with India’s Virat Kohli.

14 runs from the over. Pakistan move back in control of the innings.

Pakistan 113-4 (15), Babar 51, Asif 3, Curran 2-18 (3)

16:47 , Michael Jones

Asif Ali is the incoming batter and he works Curran away from three runs from the remaining three deliveries of the over. A wicket and five runs from the over.

Well bowled Sam Curran.

Wicket! Iftikhar Ahmed 31 (21) c. Brook b. Curran, Pakistan 110-4 (14.3)

16:45 , Michael Jones

Yes it is! Iftikhar Ahmed tries to punt Curran over the fielder at long leg but he doesn’t get the ball out of the middle of the bat and sends it straight down the throat of Harry Brook.

Sam Curran has another wicket!

Pakistan 110-3 (14.2), Babar 51, Iftikhar 31, Curran 1-15 (2.2)

16:43 , Michael Jones

Sam Curran has probably been England’s best bowler tonight. He’s mixed up his pace and his lengths keeping the batters guessing. Both Babar and Iftikar can only work him away for ones.

Is a big shot coming?

Pakistan 108-3 (14), Babar 50, Iftikhar 30, Rashid 0-38 (4)

16:41 , Michael Jones

50 for Babar Azam! It’s been a smart and calculated innings from Pakistan’s captain who’s been content to takes ones and twos whilst putting away the bad ball and letting his batting partners take the risk.

Pakistan are well set to push on now. They’ll be thinking about 160-170 as a par score.

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Pakistan 105-3 (13.3), Babar 49, Iftikhar 28, Rashid 0-35 (3.3)

16:38 , Michael Jones

Adil Rashid is going to finish off his four overs. His first ball is a little short and Iftikar collects one with a cut to point. Babar then pushes a drive to the boundary fro another single before Iftikhar launches a full ball out of the ground! Six runs!

100 up for Pakistan!

Pakistan 97-3 (13), Babar 48, Iftikhar 21, Gleeson 1-25 (3)

16:35 , Michael Jones

Pace now as Gleeson returns to bowl to Babar. He’s full outside off stump but Pakistan’s skipper drives the ball straight to the fielder at cover.

A short ball is then pulled around the corner and worked away to the boundary for four!

Iftikhar gets Babar back on strike with the captain needing just three runs for a half-century. He flicks the ball over to deep midwicket and can only collect one.

Pakistan 89-3 (12), Babar 42, Iftikhar 19, Rashid 0-27 (3)

16:31 , Michael Jones

That is big! Iftikhar Ahmed almost puts his shoulder out by launching Adil Rashid into the stands for a six! Rashid responds with a couple of wrong uns and catches the outside edge of Iftikhar’s bat.

There’s a hint of turn there for Rashid but Babar and Iftikhar work the ball into the gaps nicely and pick up four singles in a row. 10 runs from the over.

Pakistan 79-3 (11), Babar 40, Iftikhar 11, Willey 1-23 (3)

16:28 , Michael Jones

David Willey is back to bowl the first over after drinks and Babar Azam drives him to long-off for one. The Pakistan captain is playing a watchful, patient innings so far and to want to hang around until the latter stages before taking more risks.

This doesn’t seem to be a pitch where the batters can dominate the bowlers. Instead they have to play smarter and pick their shots. Willey bangs on in short and Iftikhar finds the gap at backward square-leg for four runs!

More singles and a leg bye come from the over, Pakistan add nine more runs.

Pakistan 70-3 (10), Babar 39, Iftikhar 5, Rashid 0-19 (2)

16:21 , Michael Jones

Iftikhar Ahmed is the new batter for Pakistan and gets his innings underway with a single off Adil Rashid. When Babar takes one to bring Iftikhar back on strike Rashid drags one down and he spanks it through the legside for four runs!

Better from Rashid though, just seven runs from it this time.

Pakistan 63-3 (9), Babar 37, Iftikhar 0, Curran 1-13 (2)

16:17 , Michael Jones

Five runs and a wicket for Sam Curran off his second over. England are doing well to keep Pakistan quiet. Their run-rate has hovered between six and seven runs per over.

Wicket! Haider Ali 18 (14) c. Duckett b. Curran, Pakistan 62-3 (8.4)

16:15 , Michael Jones

Wicket! Sam Curran gets a short ball to stick in the pitch and just hold up as it comes up to Haider Ali. He looks to pull it away for a boundary but scuffs the ball into the hands of Ben Duckett who clings onto a fine catch running forward.

Pakistan 62-2 (8.3), Babar 36, Haider 18, Curran 0-8 (1.3)

16:13 , Michael Jones

A short ball from Curran rattles Haider Ali on the glove but the ball lands safely and the batters sprint through for one. Babar then dabs one past the bowler for two more before a nudge into the legside brings him another single.

Pakistan 58-2 (8), Babar 33, Haider 17, Rashid 0-10 (1)

16:11 , Michael Jones

So often these T20 games come down to how the team batting first plays the middle overs of the innings. This pitch seems slow and low so England’s spinners may have a big role to play here.

Adil Rashid is brought on and Haider Ali attempts to get after him with a sweep to the fielder on the deep midwicket boundary. This single brings up Pakistan’s 50.

Six! After Babar takes one Haider Ali dances down the track and smokes Rashid over cow corner for a maximum! 10 runs come from the over.

Pakistan 48-2 (7), Babar 31, Haider 9, Curran 0-8 (1)

16:07 , Michael Jones

The honours a even after the opening six overs. England managed to get two wickets but Babar Azam seems well set and Pakistan have made a decent start.

Sam Curran is introduced at the expense of Reece Topley and immediately comes around the wicket to Haider Ali who turns him into the legside for one.

The England fielders are excited for a moment as Haider pulls the ball in the air to deep midwicket but the ball bounces short. Babar Azam comes back on strike, shuffles over to the offside and whips Curran through square leg for four runs!

He takes one from the last ball and Pakistan earn another eight from the over.

Pakistan 40-2 (6), Babar 25, Haider 7, Gleeson 1-17 (2)

16:01 , Michael Jones

Richard Gleeson is thrown the ball for the final over of the powerplay. Babar Azam seems to have found his touch now and guides the ball through the offside for two runs.

There’s a run out opportunity for Sam Curran as the ball is nailed straight to him. He picks up and releases early but misses the stumps at the bowler’s end. Babar would have been gone with a direct hit! He’s the key wicket for England now.

Four runs! A short ball down legside is hooked away by Haider Ali, the ball barely gets above waist high and it’s easy pickings for the Pakistan number four.

Eight runs from the over. Pakistan end the powerplay 40-2.

Pakistan 32-2 (5), Babar 22, Haider 2, Topley 0-8 (2)

15:56 , Michael Jones

Topley returns and targets that line around middle and leg stump. Haider Ali tries to force the ball through the legside but Toplsy’s hitting an annoying length that is too short to drive but too full to pull away.

Eventually Haider works the ball to deep square leg for a single to bring Babar Azam back on strike.

Topley strays ever too slightly wide of the off stump and he gets cut away for four runs!

The over ends with the Pakistani batters scrambling through for one. Six runs from the over.

Pakistan 26-2 (4), Babar 17, Haider 1, Willey 1-15 (2)

15:51 , Michael Jones

Haider Ali is the new batter. He’s had a poor series for a man of his skill but has plenty of time to impose himself on the game tonight. Haider gets off the mark with a flick away for one.

Back on strike, Babar drives Willey through wide mid-on and collects his first boundary of the innings! Babar follows it up with a pull for two before whipping the ball behind square leg for four more to end the over!

12 runs come from it.

Wicket! Shan Masood 0 (2) lbw b. Willey, Pakistan 15-2 (3.2)

15:48 , Michael Jones

In and out! David Willey strikes for England as Shan Masood shuffles too far across his stumps and gets pinned on the crease. the ball strikes his pads and he decides to review.

Ball-tracking shows three red lines and no touch of the bat so he has to go! England have their second.

Pakistan 14-1 (3), Babar 6, Masood 0, Gleeson 1-9 (1)

15:45 , Michael Jones

The left-handed Shan Masood is the new batter for Pakistan and he sees out Richard Gleeson’s first over with a solid block. Nine runs and a wicket come from it.

Wicket! Mohammad Haris 7(8) c. Rashid b. Gleeson, Pakistan 14-1 (2.5)

15:44 , Michael Jones

Gone! Mohammad Haris tries to guide a short ball over short third man to the boundary but he doesn’t get the desired connection and loops the ball straight to Adil Rashid who takes a simple catch.

Pakistan lose their first wicket.

Pakistan 14-0 (2.4), Babar 6, Haris 7, Gleeson 0-9 (0.4)

15:42 , Michael Jones

Richard Gleeson replaces Reece Topley for England. He brings more pace into the equation and Babar mistimes a pull into the legside to bring Mohammad Haris back on strike.

Six! What a shot to get off the mark! Gleeson’s added pace means the ball sits up for Haris who belts him straight down the ground for a maximum!

There’s a couple more singles and Pakistan continue to milk Gleeson for runs.

Pakistan 5-0 (2), Babar 4, Haris 0, Willey 0-3 (1)

15:39 , Michael Jones

David Willey opens up from the other end and will be encouraged by the hint of swing that seems to be hanging around. Babar tries to smoke one through the covers and gets an inside egde to short fine leg.

Three dot balls go by as the Pakistan captain struggles to find his timing. The ball just seems to be holding up off the pitch.

Babar works one away past the midwicket fielder for a couple before scrambling another one with a pull to mid-on. Three runs from the over.

Pakistan 2-0 (1), Babar 1, Haris 0, Topley 0-2 (1)

15:35 , Michael Jones

Babar gets off the mark with a jab to deep square leg for a single before Mohammad Haris attempts to whip the ball off middle stump and picks out the fielder at mid-on.

Topley holds his line and continues to find that late swing making Haris slightly tentative at the striker’s end. He attempts to impose himself on the game with a hack to the legside and a ramp shot but neither comes off.

The last delivery sees Topley roll his fingers down the side of the ball and send it slower outside off stump. Haris guides it to backward point but can’t beat the fielder.

Just two runs from the over. Good start from Topley.

Pakistan 1-0 (0), Babar 0, Haris 0, Topley 0-0 (0)

15:31 , Michael Jones

Reece Topley opens the bowling for England. He’s had a decent series so far and will be hoping to continue that tonight. There’s a slight bit of swing but the direction is off and Topley moves it wide of Babar’s leg stump.

The first run of the match is an extra.

Pakistan vs England

15:29 , Michael Jones

Here come the teams. There’s going to be a bit of dew around later on in the evening making it trickier to bowl in the second innings.

Babar Azam and Mohammad Haris are going to open the batting for the hosts. If Pakistan win they’ll clinch the series.

Babar would have bowled first too

15:22 , Michael Jones

Pakistan captain Babar Azam says he would have bowled first as well if he had won the toss. He said: “I’d have bowled first. There will be a dew factor, but we will try to limit them to 160, 170 runs and try to defend it.”

 (Getty Images)
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The teams

15:17 , Michael Jones

Pakistan XI: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Haris, Shan Masood, Iftikhar Ahmed, Shadab Khan, Haider Ali, Asif Ali, Mohammad Nawaz, Aamer Jamal, Mohammad Wasim, Shahnawaz Dahani

England XI: Phil Salt, Alex Hales, Dawid Malan, Ben Duckett, Harry Brook, Moeen Ali (c), Sam Curran, David Willey, Adil Rashid, Reece Topley, Richard Gleeson.

Pre-match thoughts of Moeen Ali

15:12 , Michael Jones

England captain, Moeen Ali, explains why he decided to bowl first today saying: “The wicket will stay good throughout today. In the last game it was a little bit tacky but we feel we have to chase well and win the game.

“If you play the way we play, you have to stick with your players as much as you can. It’s only fair. It’s not always about going hard, you’ve got to adapt to the conditions and that was the disappointing thing last game.

“Hopefully we can do that today and play well, and chase the runs down.”

Pakistand vs England team changes

15:07 , Michael Jones

Mohammad Rizwan and Haris Rauf are left out of the Pakistan team with Mohammad Haris coming in the keep wicket and open the batting whilst Shahnawaz Dahani slots back into the bowling attack.

For England, Mark Wood and Chris Woakes are taken out with Reece Topley and Richard Gleeson brought in.

England win the toss and bowl first

15:02 , Michael Jones

Moeen Ali has won the toss in Lahore and decided to bowl first. He says that he expects the wicket to stay true throughout the game and wants to chase.

Pakistan captain, Babar Azam, says he would have bowled first too.

England captain Jos Buttler ‘learning lots’ despite not playing in Pakistan

15:00 , Michael Jones

Jos Buttler believes his enforced watching brief in Pakistan has been an education that could help improve his captaincy.

A calf injury sustained during The Hundred could easily have ruled Buttler out of the trip, England’s first to the country in 17 years and the first since he took over the reins from Eoin Morgan.

But he insisted on travelling, partially to continue his rehabilitation work ahead of next month’s World Cup and also to lean into the responsibility of leadership.

While he has taken a hands-off role in terms of the on-field decision-making, delegating that to deputy Moeen Ali, he has been observing throughout the trip to pick up pointers about his squad.

England captain Jos Buttler ‘learning lots’ despite not playing in Pakistan

Pakistan vs England

14:55 , Michael Jones

England captain, Moeen Ali, is 67 runs short of becoming the eighth Englishman to 1000 in T20Is.


Pakistan vs England

14:50 , Michael Jones

Babar Azam needs 52 more runs to reach 3000 in T20Is. If he does so in this next innings, his 81st in the format, he will equal the record held by India’s Virat Kohli.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Adil Rashid reveals how cricket is evolving to embrace diversity

14:45 , Michael Jones

Adil Rashid has explained how English cricket is evolving to embrace diversity, after a period in which the sport has been hit by numerous accusations of systemic racism.

In 2020, former Yorkshire player Azeem Rafiq alleged that he was the subject of racist slurs during his time at the club, and ex-teammate Gary Ballance later admitted to being one of the individuals culpable of using such language towards the 31-year-old.

The scandal led Yorkshire County Cricket Club to sack its entire coaching staff last December, after key figures in the organisation’s hierarchy resigned. Furthermore, there were hearings involving Rafiq and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

Now, One Day International and Twenty20 England international Rashid has commented on the steps that English cricket is making to improve its culture.

Adil Rashid reveals how cricket is evolving to embrace diversity

Discrimination in cricket DCMS hearing to take place in mid-December

14:40 , Michael Jones

A new parliamentary committee hearing on discrimination in cricket is set to take place on December 13, the PA news agency understands.

Azeem Rafiq, who gave harrowing testimony about the racial abuse and bullying he experienced at Yorkshire to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) select committee last November, is to be asked to reappear before the same committee alongside current Yorkshire chair Lord Kamlesh Patel.

December 13 has been pencilled in because the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) report is expected to have been published the week before, allowing the committee of MPs to question representatives from the England and Wales Cricket Board about it.

The ICEC report was originally earmarked for publication in the autumn but is now expected in the week beginning December 5, PA understands.

Discrimination in cricket DCMS hearing to take place in mid-December

Pakistan vs England

14:35 , Michael Jones

Mohammad Rizwan’s tally of 315 runs is already a record for a bilateral series. He needs 63 more from the final two games to go past France’s Gustav McKeon as the leading run-scorer in any multi-team T20I international series.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

‘Must-win games’ good practice for World Cup

14:30 , Michael Jones

England’s current captain Moeen Ali says that the last two fixtures in this seven-match series will be good practice with how to deal with the pressure of must-win games during a major tournament.

England know they have to win both of these last two games if they want to clinch a series victory against Pakistan ahead of the T20 World Cup starting in October.

“Going into the T20 World Cup, must-win games are good. For our team now, it’s a semi-final and a final.” said Moeen,

“We’ve got to win to stay in it. It’s going to be really good to see where the boys are at. There’s pressure in international cricket all the time, so it’s great to see how we react.”

England failure to chase down Pakistan labelled ‘disappointing’ by Moeen Ali

14:25 , Michael Jones

Moeen Ali branded England’s Twenty20 batting a disappointment after they saw a second chase against Pakistan go off the rails in the space of four days.

Having failed to make 167 in Karachi on Sunday, the tourists lost track of an even slimmer target as they were unable to make 146 at Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium.

Moeen did his best to drag the result back with a captain’s innings of 51 not in 37 balls but he lost a last-over battle of wills with debutant seamer Aamer Jamal, who secured a five-run win for his side.

Phil Salt, Alex Hales, Ben Duckett and Harry Brook made just 18 between them as the top six imploded, while Dawid Malan contributed a scratchy 36. Their efforts left Moeen frustrated by a lack of game awareness.

England failure to chase down Pakistan labelled ‘disappointing’ by Moeen Ali

England team news

14:20 , Michael Jones

England white-ball captain, Jos Buttler, could feature though it seems unlikely he will be risked as he continues rehabilitation from a calf strain. Buttler said on Wednesday that he could “play tomorrow” if it was a World Cup game but as it isn’t England are likely to keep him on the sidelines.

The tourists could bring back Liam Dawson to boost their spin options and there will likely to be changes to the seam attack with Mark Wood and Chris Woakes - both recently returned from injury themselves - the obvious picks to miss out.

Pakistan team news

14:15 , Michael Jones

Mohammad Rizwan didn’t field during England’s chase in the fifth T20 after being hit on the back by a stray throw, with Mohammad Haris taking his spot behind the stumps. Rizwan seems hit to play but with the T20 World Cup just around the corner Pakistan may take the opportunity to rest their opening batter.

Haris Rauf is another player who may be due a break, with Mohammad Hasnain and Shahnawaz Dahani options to come in to replace him but Naseem Shah won’t be involved.

He has been discharged from hospital after being diagnosed with pneumonia but has since tested positive for Covid-19.

Buttler believes reducing number of county games could raise standards

14:10 , Michael Jones

England white-ball captin, Jos Buttler, went on the BBC’s The Sports Desk Podcast and spoke about the proposed reduction in County Championship and T20 Blast matches put forward by Sir Andrew Strauss’ high performance review and said he believes the proposal could raise playing standards and benefit England.

The review suggests red-ball games could be cut from 14 to 10 in a season and when asked by if he thought reducing the number of County Championship and domestic T20 matches could help improve the England team, Buttler said: “Yeah, I do.”

He added: “I do feel a reduction in games would allow players to prepare properly, recover properly and put a lot more emphasis on those games.

“The pressure on those games would be a lot higher and I think the standard could potentially be higher for that. I can see how that would see more high performance, in that sense.

“There are some players who may only play one format of the game and they want to play as many games as possible in that format, so I can see how it’s not straightforward,

“But if you were just looking at a high performance view on it, I think 10 games would be a good number of fixtures.”

Moeen Ali heroics in vain as Pakistan take series lead over England

14:05 , Michael Jones

Stand-in skipper Moeen Ali came close to hitting England out of trouble at the death only to be bested by a debutant as Pakistan took control of the Twenty20 series for the first time.

The hosts were bowled out for just 145 in Lahore, Mark Wood excelling again as he took three for 20 and hit 95mph, but an England batting line-up missing the likes of Jos Buttler, Jonny Bairstow, Ben Stokes and Liam Livingstone misfired for the second game in a row.

Moeen took them within one blow of victory, hitting 51 not out in 37 balls, but newcomer Aamer Jamal sent down some superb wide yorkers after being trusted with the final over of the match and closed out a five-run win.

Having failed to make 167 last time out they finished on 139 for seven, slipping 3-2 behind with two to play.

Moeen Ali heroics in vain as Pakistan take series lead over England

England arrive in Lahore

14:01 , Michael Jones

England have arrived at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore ahead of today’s sixth T20I, who will line-up for the visitors later today?

Will Jos Buttler return to lead the team (unlikely)? Will England risk Mark Wood and Chris Woakes in back-to-back games? Will spinner Liam Dawson be recalled or is Olly Stone going to get another game?

We will find out soon enough. Start of play today is scheduled for 3.30pm with the toss and team news expected at 3pm.

Pakistan vs England

13:36 , Michael Jones

Hello and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of the penultimate T20 of England’s seven-match series against Pakistan.

Moeen Ali continues to deputise for captain Jos Buttler - whose fitness will not be risked ahead of the World Cup next month - but faces a difficult task as England have entered the last chance saloon. They trail Pakistan 3-2 after throwing away the two most recent matches from strong positions and need to win both remaining games to clinch the series.

Last time out Pakistan batted first and were restricted to just 146 from their 20 overs leaving England as favourites to win the game. However an early collapse saw them stumble to 31-3 before Moeen himself led the comeback. He ended on 51 not out but England failed to knock off the 15 runs required from the last over and gave the hosts the lead in the series.

On a positive note Mark Wood seems to be fit and firing ahead of the major tournament in Australia and should play a key role in today’s proceedings. England have been getting themselves in positions where they should win more games and if they can get over the line today it’ll set up a series decider on Sunday.