Pensioner in west London crash attacked by dog as she inspected damage

The woman had pulled into a Shell garage when she was attacked by the runaway dog  (Google Maps)
The woman had pulled into a Shell garage when she was attacked by the runaway dog (Google Maps)

An elderly road crash victim was attacked by a runaway dog as she got out to inspect the damage to her car.

The woman, uninjured in the crash, was set upon by the out-of-control dog after the crash by the White Hart Roundabout in Northolt at 11pm on Thursday.

The other people involved in the minor collision, who didn’t own the dog, fought to get the animal off her.

The victim suffered a serious arm injury from the dog bite. Another passerby managed to lure the canine off the woman and get it into her car, where she was also bitten on the arm.

Detectives are still searching for the owners of the dog which is being held at a local police station.

The two women’s injuries were described as not life-threatening.

A Met spokesman said: “Police were called to two vehicles that had been in a collision. As those involved were exchanging details one woman was approached and attacked by a dog, causing injury to her arm. The other people began trying to help her.

“The dog did not belong to them.

“Another member of the public, seeing the incident, stopped her car and opened the door. The dog got in and she took it to a petrol garage off Yeading Lane, where it bit her arm.

“Police arrived and took control of the dog. It was taken to a police station where efforts to locate the owner are ongoing.”

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We treated two people at the scene. We treated one patient for significant injuries before taking them to hospital and the other patient, who had minor injuries, made their own way to hospital.”