Pregnant driver evacuated children from school bus moments before it caught fire

 (WINS screenshot)
(WINS screenshot)

A pregnant school bus driver saved dozens of children from a fire in Wisconsin.

Imunek Williams was driving 37 children to the Milwaukee Academy of Science when she smelled smoke inside her school bus on 31 May, according to local news station WISN.

Ms Williams, who is eight months pregnant, knew something was not right and acting promptly, focused on getting the children to safety.

“I started to smell something funny at the stoplight, and I just thought it was normal smoke coming from another car, because I always smell smoke or weird smells,” Ms Williams told the station. “But then as I started to drive more, the smell and the smoke started to get thicker.”

Within moments, the bus would become engulfed in flames. But thanks to Ms William, no one resulted injured.

“I told the kids to get off the bus. I evacuated and made sure everyone was out,” Ms said. “I made them line up against the gate and as soon as we stepped off... I turned around and the bus was just in flames.”

Ms Williams was taken to an area hospital, where she was evaluated for smoke inhalation and released the same day.

The brave school driver went back to work the next day after the incident that could have turned fatal.

“I picked them up this morning and they were actually not expecting me,” Ms Williams told WISN. “They said, ‘Oh, you’re back...’ And I said, ‘Yes, I’m still here.’”

Ms Williams said the children and the school had personally thanked her for her swift response.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire. Police said thankfully no one was inside the vehicle when the fire broke out.

Ms Williams is expected to deliver her baby in August.