Raul Jimenez injury: Former Tottenham midfielder Ryan Mason wants concussion substitutes

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Former Tottenham midfielder Ryan Mason has urged football to bring in concussion substitutes after David Luiz and Raul Jimenez’s sickening clash of heads on Sunday.

The pair banged heads just five minutes into the match at Emirates Stadium, which Wolves won 2-1 against Arsenal, and play was stopped for 10 minutes as both players received medical attention on the pitch.

Jimenez was given oxygen and carried off the pitch on a stretcher before being taken to hospital, where as of Monday morning Wolves said he was “comfortable” following an operation last night on a fractured skull. He will now remain under observation for a few days while he begins his recovery.

Luiz, on the other hand, had his head bandaged and returned to the field of play for a further 40 minutes before being substituted at half-time.

Arsenal insist all medical protocols were followed with Luiz and he was substituted at the break due to a cut on his head making it uncomfortable for him to head the ball.

The Brazilian playing on, however, has led to criticism from the likes of brain injury association charity Headway and Mason has echoed their calls to bring in concussion substitutes.

“It’s pretty clear that five minutes on the side of the pitch while there is pressure to get the game restarted isn't enough to see as someone's concussed or not,” he told talkSPORT.

“It’s just not enough. I'm all for bringing concussion subs in. I think that’s a good idea to go off, go into a quiet room and test thoroughly and properly because this kind of protocol we have in place isn't okay and it's dangerous.

“The thought of someone playing on with concussion and heading balls in an incorrect way, the damage that could potentially do long-term isn't a nice thought.”

Mason was forced to retire at the age of 26 as a result of the fractured skull he suffered against Chelsea in 2017 while playing for Hull City.

The former midfielder said at the time he had “worked tirelessly” to play again, but the risks involved were too great.

“I’m very sensitive and I’m quite passionate about this subject I’ve spoken to so many people in the last three years,” Mason added. “Nothing’s happened, nothing’s changed.

“I hope that this incident [between Luiz and Jimenez] makes people stand up and realise because you can’t keep having the same perception of certain types of challenges and dealing with these types of challenges in the same way when an individuals immediate health is in danger and then not only that, but their long-term health is in danger as well.”

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