The remarkable effect Tottenham star Son Heung-min has on 83-year-old South Korean lady

Tottenham captain Son Heung-min has made a remarkable and heart-warming impact on 83-year-old Jeong Geum-sun, a South Korean lady suffering from dementia.

While Jeong has been dealing with the disease in recent years, and the associated problems it brings, one person she always instantly recognises is her country's captain and videos have gone viral across South Korean social media of the enthusiastic way she supports the national team, Spurs and Son in particular, often waving to him through the television screen during the games.

When asked which players she recognises it's always Son she mentions and when he was on international duty this year he sent her a video message saying that he would come and meet her, which Jeong was later shown watching while wearing her Spurs shirt, with Son's name and number seven on the back, one of a few she owns.

This week, the South Korean FA released a video on YouTube showing Jeong being brought to meet Son the day before South Korea's recent World Cup qualifying win against China.

In the video, on the link above, the moment she saw him she burst into a big smile and laughed and would not let his hand go, holding it tightly as he knelt down to speak to her, asking him why he looked so "skinny" and that he needed to eat.

He brought her a Korea shirt which he signed in front of her and he asked her to wear it the next day at the stadium to watch the game. Then Jeong asked him not to go and he promised he would stay a while longer.

"I am deeply grateful that you always support me. I was inspired and moved by the footage where you root for me," the Spurs captain told her. "I will do my best to run around on the field for you. Please root for me as always. I'll score another goal or two and do my best for you."

Jeong said after meeting him: "I wish I had spent more time with him. He looks amazing. I am only 83 years old. I will enjoy watching football games until I turn 100."

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