Rick Astley On TV, In Pyjamas – The Relatable King We Need In 2023

Rick Astley on BBC Breakfast
Rick Astley on BBC Breakfast

Rick Astley on BBC Breakfast

Rick Astley rocked up to an interview on BBC Breakfast in his pyjamas on Wednesday morning and honestly, we’re staggered this hasn’t happened more often.

The Never Gonna Give You Up singer was up early to join the flagship programme where he talked to presenters Jon Kay and Sally Nugent about his upcoming Glastonbury set, after being unveiled on the sprawling line-up on Tuesday.

But it seems that Rick isn’t exactly an early bird, as he was still dressed in his bedtime loungewear.

He began the interview by enthusiastically talking about playing the festival next month, which will see him warm up the stage for Raye at midday on Saturday 24 June.

“Obviously, it is an amazing honour and a privilege to play there,” Rick began. “I get to play on the Pyramid stage which is absolutely bonkers to be honest.

“I’ll be early by the way, I’ll be very early on the Saturday, a bit too early so there you go.

“I’m still in my pyjamas now, I might do it in my pyjamas, to be honest.”

Pointing out his clothing, Rick added: “They are actually my pyjamas.”

Speaking more on his Glastonbury set, Rick revealed that it’ll be his first time at the festival.

He admitted: “I’m ashamed to say I have never performed there, I’ve never even been to Glastonbury. I’ve dropped my daughter off several times.

“As a performer and someone who has been on stage most of my life, this one’s a big one, there’s no doubt about it.

“We’ve all done it, we’ve all watched Glastonbury on the BBC and gone, ‘wow that is monster’, so to actually walk out on that stage is going to be crazy.”

Rick let loose that he had been booked to perform at Glastonbury in the year it was cancelled due to the pandemic and thought that he wouldn’t get another chance.

“I didn’t think we’d get an invite back simply because time moves on so quickly and they’ve got new artists and they’ve got a massive schedule to organise so I kind of did think that’s my chance gone,” he said.

“I was really completely made up when they got in touch, it’s a badge of honour.”

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