Ricky Gervais cast a TikTok superfan in After Life season 3

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

By now you're probably so far into season 3 of Netflix's After Life that you're too busy cry-laughing to properly notice what's going on. But, if you have a quick squint through the tears you might spot someone familiar: a TikToker and Ricky Gervais superfan, cast for the third season by the star himself.

At some point over the last year you've almost definitely seen Cole Anderson James' TikToks of him lipsyncing to Gervais as David Brent in hit sitcom The Office. It was because of these absolutely flawless performances that he was eventually noticed by Gervais himself after fans starting tagging the star in James' videos.

Well, it seems like all the tagging worked after James was cast by Gervais himself in series 3 of his hit Netflix series After Life. The TikToker plays a yoga instructor in episode 6 of the third series and judging by his perfect comedic timing in his videos, it's going to be great.

After catching Gervais' eye with his impersonations the Extras star retweeted one of James' videos, leading to actor Emily Atack casting him in her series The Emily Atack Show, something James said made filming with his idol slightly easier.

"I’m so grateful to Emily because she knew I hadn’t had any acting experience but wanted me to audition for the role as her boyfriend," he told LadBible.

"That experience meant I was a bit less nervous filming for Afterlife and talking to Ricky between takes."

Photo credit: ITV2 / The Emily Atack Show
Photo credit: ITV2 / The Emily Atack Show

Taking to Instagram over the weekend James reposted a picture of himself with Gervais wishing fans, "Happy Afterlife 3 day." The image was one he had posted before in November 2021 - presumably when the pair met for filming - along with the caption "always good meeting a fan."

As if we couldn't be any more excited about After Life season 3?!

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