Who is Rita Wilson? Tom Hanks’s wife appears on GMB

Rita Wilson has been married to Tom Hanks since  1988  (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
Rita Wilson has been married to Tom Hanks since 1988 (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Rita Wilson starred on Good Morning Britain on Monday (October 3) to share some details about her upcoming album Now and Forever: Duets.

The Broadwaystar, who has performed at hallowed venues such as Sydney Opera House, the Disney Concert Hall, and the Grand Ole Opry, spoke about her tracklist of classic Seventies covers.

Although the singer has battled many ailments, including contracting Covid-19 in 2020 and a continuous cough two years on, her voice has not faltered.

Here’s what you should know about the actor, singer, and producerwho is bringing back theSeventies.

Who is Rita Wilson?

Many may know Wilson as Tom Hanks’s partner of 34 years and matriarch of the blended family.

But the actress is Hollywood royalty in her own right, making her debut in a 1972 episode of the Brady Brunch.

Along with her numerous appearances in on-screen classics – including Frasier, M*A*S*H, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sleepless in Seattle, and Runaway Bride – Wilson’s producing acumen has curated massive box-office hits.

Working behind the scenes, the producer was involved in getting Nia Vardalos her My Big Fat Greek Wedding deal.

In 2008, Wilson produced Mamma Mia! followed by the sequel (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again) a decade on.

Her Broadway career began in 2006 with a role as Chicago’s Roxie Hart.

How did Rita meet Tom?

Rita Wilson first met Tom Hanks on the set of ABC’s sitcom Bosom Buddies in 1981, where she appeared for one episode.

Their friends-to-lovers’ timeline was delayed, despite their “instant” friendship, as Hanks was married to his then-wife, Samantha Lewes.

In 1985, the friends starred in their first film together, Volunteers, where they finally decided to become an item, Hanks revealed to GQ.

After their first joint red-carpet appearance, which has been followed by many more in the three decades since, the couple married in 1988 – with Wilson wearing an iconic tiered mini-wedding dress.

They have two children (Chester “Chet” Marlon Hanks, 32, and Truman Theodore Hanks, 26), joining the two children from Hanks’s previous marriage (Colin Lewes Hanks, 44, and Elizabeth Ann Hanks, 40).

When was Rita Wilson diagnosed with breast cancer?

The 65-year-old has dealt with breast cancer and a double mastectomy, she revealed in 2015.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Wilson said the diagnosis was “world-changing” – but this did not stop her from returning to work only a month after the surgery.

She said: “Looking back on it, it was exhausting. I did it, but it was basically all I could do – I’d just sleep all day, get up, go do the play, come back, sleep all night.

“But I’m really thankful I finished out the run. If I commit to something, I do it. I’ve never been a quitter. But it was definitely challenging.”

In 2020, Wilson and Hanks suffered from Covid-19, resulting in hospitalisation.

Upon their return, the couple donated their blood for virus research.