Rob Gronkowski Reveals the Epic Prank He Pulled on NFL Legend Tom Brady: 'He's a Good Sport About It'

Since first teaming up with the New England Patriots in 2010, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady have been in sync.

The brotherhood between the two football stars is just as strong off the field. Opening up to PEOPLE in 10's Makho Ndlovu, 33-year-old Gronk revealed that he and Brady grew close because of their shared "determination and consistency."

"We both had that in our portfolio, and that's what made us work so well together, no doubt about that," Gronkowski said. "Then off the field, just our chemistry off the field with our interviews, so my last two years of football. We had the Tom Brady and Gronk Show that we did with the Buccaneers... So that was a great time to come together and show our personalities as well."

Their bond led to one unique prank where Gronkowski claims he made Brady urinate on his bed.

"There was April Fool's Day, and I pulled a trick on him," Gronkowski, who partnered with Bounty, recalled. "I put his hand in the water while he was sleeping, and it made him pee the bed."

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Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski friendship
Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski friendship

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady

When asked to clarify, Gronkowski revealed he did make Brady pee the bed "while he was sleeping" about six or seven years ago.

"He's a good sport about it," he said. "Yeah, he is. Sometimes he's not, but the majority of the time, he's a good sport about it."

Pranks aside, Gronkowski also shared some advice for players on the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles headed to the Super Bowl on Feb. 12. His big tip: "prepare like you've been preparing all year."

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"Yes, it's a bigger stage, this game coming up, but don't do anything that you've been doing any differently throughout the whole year," he says. "Stick to your routine. Stick to what you've been doing. Stick to what's been working for you throughout the whole year, and continue that process and just amp it up a little bit. Just amp it up a tad bit because this is the biggest game of the year. It's win or go home."

Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski friendship
Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski friendship

Rob Carr/Getty Rob Gronkowski

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Gronkowski earned four championship rings throughout his career, before deciding to retire in 2022.

He also makes an appearance in 80 For Brady, the new film following four best friends who embark on a trip to see Brady play in the 2017 Super Bowl. Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman also make cameos alongside Brady himself, while the core cast features Sally Field, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Lily Tomlin.

Brady previously told Variety his own role in the film was "small" but he "learned a lot" during his two days on set. The legendary quarterback also served as a producer for the film.

"It's really interesting. I find it challenging — sometimes hard," he said of acting as a version of himself. "Because you're always paying attention to yourself as yourself rather than the character you're playing. I don't think that's natural for me. What I've done for 23 years in sports is play myself. There's no acting. It's me on the field. When I'm pissed, I'm pissed. When I'm happy, I'm happy. I'm not playing a role."