Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals 'tough' battle with Covid-19

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Sarah Michelle Gellar has had a "tough" battle with Covid-19.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star shared on her Instagram Stories on Monday that she recently contracted the virus and has been suffering due to her asthma.

"I realise I've been really quiet on here," she began, referencing her recent Instagram lull. "After two and a half years COVID finally got me."

Sarah then recounted how she's been coping with the virus.

"Thankfully I'm vaccinated and boosted," she wrote. "But to those out there that say 'it's just a cold'... maybe for some lucky people it is. But for this (relatively) young fit person, who has struggled with asthma and lung issues her entire life, that is not my experience.

"Even with therapeutics and all my protocols it's been tough. I know I'm on the road to recovery, but it's certainly not been an easy road."

The actress finished by reassuring users that she would "be back soon (hopefully with super antibodies... even if just for a bit)".

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