Scotland and Germany fans demand annual friendly as more than 50,000 sign petition

Over 50,000 football fans have signed a petition demanding that Scotland play a friendly against Germany every year.

The Tartan Army won plenty of friends as they took over three German cities during Euro 2024. They took the party to Munich where we faced the hosts and then carried it on to Cologne and Stuttgart as we took on Switzerland and then Hungary, failing to be put off by Steve Clarke's team's performance.

Despite not winning a game, gaining just one point and finishing bottom of Group A, supporters impressed with their fun-loving but respectful approach to the trip and locals warmed to the as a result. Because of that, thousands now want a yearly match to take place to continue good relations between the two nations.

The petition was started by a German fan and has now surpassed a whopping 50,000 signatures. The goal is to reach 75,000.

The description reads: "When you take a look at the pictures and videos from the last few days in Germany, you'll realise a bond is forming between the fans of Scotland and Germany. Be it at the fan festivals, the fan miles or simply in everyday life on the streets and in the pubs, citizens of both nations are becoming friends. Germans cheering for Scotland, Scots cheering for Germans.

"We suggest that the DFB and the Scottish FA organise an annual friendly match. Ideally, Germany and Scotland take turns hosting the event. It could be in Cologne next year, and in Glasgow the year after. This would improve relations between the two countries and their citizens, boost tourism, and most importantly, it would be a great experience for everyone involved. You won't find a single pub owner in Germany who wouldn't take the Scots back in a heartbeat.

"Why don't we take this opportunity and start a wonderful friendship between two football-loving countries and their fans? If this sounds like a good idea to you, then sign this petition and help make this idea a reality!"

The petition can be found and signed here.