Scott McTominay Manchester United transfer exit to 'better fit' Premier League club mooted

Scott McTominay has been told there are Premier League clubs that are a "better fit" for him than Manchester United.

The Scotland hero came up with a big moment for the national team once again last night by striking first in the crucial Euro 2024 draw with Switzerland. He also came close to pouncing again for a winner but although that wasn't to be, his importance to the side was laid bare.

He's come up with plenty of those moments for his club before too, but doesn't seem to be held in the same regard. The 27-year-old has been in and out of the United team and is often the target of criticism from supporters frustrated at the club's recent underachievement.

McTominay has previously had interest from West Ham and Newcastle and it's possible clubs could look to offer him more regular starting football. Former Scotland striker Kenny Miller could see a move to somewhere he is more appreciated, like at international level, being a positive.

He told Ladbrokes 1-2-Free: "There's definitely going to be a number of Premier League teams that would be interested in Scott McTominay, if he was to leave Manchester United this summer. I get the same feeling with Scott, as I had with Darren Fletcher, when I played with him for Scotland while he was at United. You know, he's a really, really important player - as was Darren - who has popped up with some huge goals - again, like Darren did over the years.

"And I don't know whether it's because you're Scottish, but you're just never envisaged as this big star. By the way, I'm not saying you need to be the big star. But it seems like he's the guy where, if he's left out, it's not too big a deal, but when he plays, you realise how important he is, and you see the qualities he has."

Miller does wonder whether McTominay would actually want to leave the club he has grown up with, and where he just won the FA Cup.

He added: "Listen, he's a United player, and he's been with the club since he was a boy. I'm assuming he won't want to leave... why would you, when you've just won the FA Cup? I'm sure he'll be striving for is to help take Man United back to the levels they were at a few years ago. It's tragic, sometimes, when you watch United now and compare it to where they once were. So, I'm sure Scott will want to play his part and taking the club back to the top, where they're challenging for league titles. That's what he'll have grown up watching, in the academy.

"But if he was to leave, I've no doubt there'd be no shortage of takers for Scott. And there might be a better fit for him somewhere. You know, there might be somewhere he can have a more prominent role. You look at how integral he has been for the national team, and how important he's been for United this season when he has played... he's a player who'll never let you down.

"You can guarantee a certain level from him because that's the kind of character he is. You're always going to get work ethic, he's always going to give everything, and let's not dismiss his quality, by the way. He delivers a certain level of reliability in terms of his performance, and I'm sure there will be teams out there who would love to have Scott McTominay in their starting line-up every single week. And that will be a question for him, I'm sure."