Seven Poland fans arrested following incidents at Wales match

Seven Poland fans have been arrested following incidents during Sunday’s Nations League game with Wales, including four for possession of pyrotechnics.

A firework was set off and flares lit in the away end during the game at the Cardiff City Stadium, which Poland won 1-0 to relegate Wales to League B of the competition.

Other arrests were for being drunk and disorderly, a racially aggravated public order offence and invading the pitch.

South Wales Police also announced that “numerous away fans were ejected from the stadium for breaching ground regulations such as smoking and consuming alcohol”.

PC Christian Evans said in a police statement: “The overwhelming majority of people who attend the Cardiff City Stadium behave responsibly and enjoy a safe experience.

“Wales football fans have earned themselves an excellent reputation both at home and when visiting other countries.

“Being in possession of a pyrotechnic device at a football match, or attempting to bring one into a football stadium, is a criminal offence, and anyone found guilty of committing such an offence faces a Football Banning Order.”

Pyrotechnics are banned at British stadiums but are a more common sight in Europe.

Football Association of Wales chief executive Noel Mooney has responded to fans’ concerns about crowd issues posted on social media both before and after the game.

Mooney wrote on Twitter: “Picked up a good few messages from last night around policing, security, flags, pyro etc.

“It’s important we are talking to make sure the @Cymru experience is the best it can be.

“Please feel free to drop me a note nmooney@faw.Cymru with your experience if you wish to share.”

Wales received a £12,894 fine from FIFA after fans let off flares during June’s World Cup play-off final victory over Ukraine in Cardiff.

The FAW had warned fans against bringing pyrotechnics to the game after being fined £1,637 for the same offence following the semi-final win against Austria in March.