Shaner wins six divisions in sharpshooting competition

Mar. 22—By Nicholas Vercilla

New Castle News

Kaylee Shaner was inspired to get into sharpshooting by watching and practicing with her father.

According to Wade Shaner, who is her father, she's already surpassed him in skill.

Kaylee Shaner recently competed in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program Talladega Regional competition on March 10 to March 12 in Talladega, Alabama.

She won six divisions in speed shooting: rimfire pistol open, rimfire pistol iron, rimfire rifle, rimfire rifle iron, centerfire pistol optic and PCP carbine.

"I'm always impressed with how well she shoots," Wade Shaner said.

Shaner competes with the Lawrence County Sportsmen's Association SASP team.

"We're the only team in western Pennsylvania that competes at the SASP level," Wade Shaner said. "She shoots at 20 matches a year."

The SASP takes student-athletes from elementary to college and develops youth through team-based shooting sports. She has competed in both regional and national competitions and is highly ranked nationally among women sharpshooters. She is currently a junior at Laurel High School.

"I prefer to go out and meet new people," Kaylee Shaner said. "It's nice to be representing Laurel."

Kaylee Shaner began shooting with her father four years ago during the beginning of the pandemic and quickly fell in love with the sport.

"It was pretty much my dad that inspired me to shoot," Kaylee Shaner said.

Rather than precision shooting, Shaner competes in speed shooting, where the goal is to hit the target as quickly as possible, rather than worry about accuracy and shot placement.

She said she was inspired by her dad, a sharpshooter himself, to constantly practice and work hard to improve her times.

"It means a lot to me It was my hobby. She passed me up," Wade Shaner said.

Wade Shaner said Kaylee competed and won numerous competitions across the country in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, New Hampshire and Virginia.

Kaylee Shaner said she's seen an increase in women sharpshooters recently. She likes how anyone can train to be a sharpshooter and they all start at the same level.

She hopes to attend a university with a sharpshooting team.