Simon Jordan slaughters state of Scottish football and questions stature of Steve Clarke's job

Simon Jordan has slaughtered Scottish football when asked about the stature of the national team job.

The motormouth English pundit is an outspoken critic of the game up here, regularly airing his opinion in long-winded rants. And he hasn't wasted another opportunity to have a go at Scottish football again in a discussion on talkSPORT about the appeal of certain national team jobs.

It came after news filtered through about Rob Page leaving his job as Wales boss and Jordan played down the importance of the job, questioning whether any top bosses would want to take it. He was then asked about the Scotland job in comparison and launched into a wider rant about all the perceived failings of our game.

He said: "In comparison to what? A proper job like England? Scottish football isn't exactly in the rudest of health.

"They have a Scottish Premiership that my mate Rod Stewart seems to think is worth encouraging, but I don't. A broadcast deal that has no value and two teams at the top of the pyramid who can't even get fans in their own stadiums.

"They don't have the talent coming through like the Sounesses, Hansens or a Kenny Dalglish. It's not a bad job but if want me to say it's a great job, I won't."