Simone Biles Does Stunning Floor Routine to Beyoncé and Taylor Swift at Olympic Trials

Simone Biles Does Stunning Floor Routine to Beyoncé and Taylor Swift at Olympic Trials

On Friday, Olympic star Simone Biles won the highest individual score on the first night of Gymnastic U.S. Olympic Team Trials in Minneapolis. Her floor routine received a 14.850, and she was awarded an overall score of 58.900. Just behind her were teammates Jordan Chiles at 56.400 and Suni Lee with 56.025.

The floor routine was particularly stunning and celebrated by fans online, especially because it was set to an instrumental version of Taylor Swift’s “...Ready For It?” off of 2017’s Reputation and ended with a clip of “Delresto (Echoes),” a song by Travis Scott that featured Beyoncé.

Biles started using Swift’s song at the 2024 Core Hydration Classic in May during her floor routine. NBC reports that Biles was involved in the musical mix. Her routine was choreographed by French dancer Gregory Milan, who has worked with the French national team.

“Everybody kind of wanted something different—choreographer, as well as music,” Biles said of the experience. “I actually hate learning a new floor routine, that’s the worst part for me. So, I just kind of let everybody pick whatever they wanted. Actually, my agent suggested Taylor Swift (and) then I found this Beyoncé song that I really liked and we kind of collabed it together. I do love Taylor Swift and I do love Beyoncé. … Those are my girls!”

Chiles also led with Beyoncé for her 2024 floor routine, and even wore a leotard inspired by some Renaissance World Tour looks. The music begins with “Black Parade,” then “My House,” “Energy,” and “End of Time.” It concludes with Destiny Child’s “Lose My Breath.”

“You know me, I’m a Beyoncé fan,” Chiles said. “I watched Renaissance, I went to the show, I did all of those things. Watching her documentary made me realize a lot, so I can give her her flowers for sure.”

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