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They are the soundtrack to our summers of joy and despair. The songs that accompany the moments when our hearts soar as goals go in, and break as crucial penalties are missed. But how much do you know about the football tournament anthems that fans sing with such glee? Find out with our football anthems quiz – getting full marks is going to be harder than getting a ticket for Wembley on Sunday. But remember, it is just for fun, and unlike the forthcoming Italy v England Euro 2020 final, there are no prizes.

The Guardian Euro 2020 football anthems quiz

  1. Not one of Atomic Kitten
    Not one of Atomic Kitten

    We'll start with an easy one. Atomic Kitten have re-recorded their massive hit Whole Again with a football theme for Euro 2020 after it was adopted by England fans as an anthem, what is the new version called?

    1. Sterling You're the One (Football's Coming Home Again)

    2. Sancho You're the One (Football's Coming Home Again)

    3. Southgate You're the One (Football's Coming Home Again)

    4. Suárez Bit My Bum (Football's Coming Home Again)

  2. Atomic Kitten yesterday
    Atomic Kitten yesterday

    Trickier now already. Which of the following Atomic Kittens is NOT in the current line-up doing the rounds with their Euro 2020 song?

    1. Liz McClarnon

    2. Kerry Katona

    3. Jenny Frost

    4. Natasha Hamilton

  3. Raheem is the man
    Raheem is the man

    "Sterling is on fire and your defence is terrified" is one of the latest adaptations of a song which has been a crowd staple for years. What song?

    1. Katy Perry's Fireworks

    2. Rihanna's Diamonds

    3. CeCe Peniston's Finally

    4. Gala's Freed From Desire

  4. Ian Broudie
    Ian Broudie

    Three Lions was written and produced by Ian Broudie from the Lightning Seeds, along with David Baddiel and which other English comedian?

    1. Hugh Dennis

    2. Rob Newman

    3. Frank Skinner

    4. Chris Morris

  5. That photo isn't it
    That photo isn't it

    It is fifty-five years since England won the World Cup in 1966 – a fact that you'll find seldom mentioned in the media in the build-up to big England games, and we doubt you've ever seen this picture we've dug up from the archives before. But when Three Lions was first a hit for the first time, how many years of hurt had it been?

    1. Twenty

    2. Thirty

    3. Thirty-Two

    4. Forty

  6. The lyrics of Three Lions reference Jules Rimet. Who was Jules Rimet?

    1. He is credited with inventing the FIFA World Cup and the first trophy was named after him

    2. He is the linesman who gave England's controversial third goal in the 1966 World Cup final which may or may not have bounced over the line depending on whether you are English or not

    3. He was the French midfielder who made the mistake in the 1982 World Cup finals that led to Bryan Robson scoring after just 27 seconds when England played them in Bilbao

    4. Nobody. It ended up written like that in the song as a mistake after the misheard phrase "Jewels remain still gleaming"

  7. Fat Les
    Fat Les

    Keith Allen sang 1998 World Cup song Vindaloo by Fat Les. But it featured which member of Britpop darlings Blur?

    1. Damon Albarn

    2. Alex James

    3. Graham Coxon

    4. Dave Rowntree

  8. Chris Coleman and Welsh crew
    Chris Coleman and Welsh crew

    Away from England for a moment, which Welsh act provided the official song for Wales' Euro 2016 campaign, called "Together Stronger (C'mon Wales)"

    1. Manic Street Preachers

    2. Super Furry Animals

    3. Tom Jones

    4. Stereophonics

  9. England World Cup Squad 1990
    England World Cup Squad 1990

    New Order's World In Motion was arguably the start of "cool" football songs in the 1990s, even if it doesn't look like it from this incredible picture from during the recording sessions. Keith Allen was involved in this too. But which English player from the Italia 90 squad provided the rap?

    1. Peter Beardsley

    2. Des Walker

    3. Chris Waddle

    4. John Barnes

  10. Ok, so the rap starts: "You've got to hold and give, but do it at the right time". What is the next line in World in Motion?

    1. They'll always hit you and hurt you, defend and attack

    2. Catch me if you can, 'cause I'm the England man

    3. You can be slow or fast, but you must get to the line

    4. There's only one way to beat them, get 'round the back

  11. Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle
    Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle

    As well as providing background vocals on New Order's World In Motion and missing a vital penalty at Italia 90, Chris Waddle had a hit single with Tottenham Hotspur teammate and fellow England international Glenn Hoddle in 1987. What was it called?

    1. Clouds Across The Moon

    2. Diamond Lights

    3. Paradise Towers

    4. Wonderful Life

  12. Scottish supporters at Italia 90
    Scottish supporters at Italia 90

    England, of course, weren't the only team to have an official record out for Italia 90. The Scotland squad chipped in with one as well. What was their song called that year?

    1. Say It with Pride

    2. Ole Ola (Mulher Brasileira)

    3. Don't Come Home Too Soon

    4. Easy, Easy (Costa Rica)

  13. Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne was another Italia 90 squad member who hit the charts with a version of Fog On The Tyne. Which band from the north-east of England, pictured here, also appeared on the single?

    1. The Wildhearts

    2. Lindisfarne

    3. Dire Straits

    4. Maxïmo Park

  14. Bobby Moore in 1970
    Bobby Moore in 1970

    It was the 1970 England World Cup squad who featured the very first time that there was an "official" England song. What was it called?

    1. Back Home

    2. We've Got the Whole World at Our Feet

    3. This Time

    4. All The Way

  15. Holy cow
    Holy cow

    England's 2010 World Cup song was Dizzee Rascal featuring James Corden doing an updated version of which 1980's Tears For Fears hit?

    1. Everybody Wants To Rule The World

    2. I Believe

    3. Mad World

    4. Shout

  16. The Fall in 1985
    The Fall in 1985

    We are getting into super-tricky obscure football anthems territory now. In 1983 The Fall released a football-themed single called Kicker Conspiracy, which mentioned the then chairman of the FA. Who?

    1. Joe Mears

    2. Greg Dyke

    3. Geoff Thompson

    4. Bert Millichip

  17. Some Subbuteo
    Some Subbuteo

    Also a 1980's favourite on the John Peel show, Half Man Half Biscuit had a minor hit with a song pleading that all they wanted for Christmas was a Subbuteo team wearing the away kit of which team?

    1. Dukla Prague

    2. Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk

    3. Lokomotive Leipzig

    4. Red Star Belgrade

  18. Ant or Dec
    Ant or Dec

    Ok, you had absolutely no hope with those last two. So, like a Gareth Southgate England team calmly taking the heat out of a game in the 72nd minute when they are winning 1-0, let's take it back down a notch. England's 2002 World Cup song was We're On The Ball by Ant & Dec. Is this Ant or Dec?

    1. Ant

    2. Dec

  19. Atomic Kitten
    Atomic Kitten

    One final question about Atomic Kitten. When they first started – they are pictured here in 2001 – they were founded as a song-writing vehicle by members of which 80s synth-pop band?

    1. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

    2. Tears For Fears

    3. Pet Shop Boys

    4. Erasure

  20. And finally… football's coming…

    1. Home

    2. Rome


1:C - It is indeed about Gareth Southgate, although we also would very much like to hear a version of the song that was about Luis Suárez biting people in World Cups., 2:B - Kerry has sat this one out on the bench. While the story of people leaving, being replaced, rejoining, and leaving Atomic Kitten again isn't quite as complicated as the tale of the Sugababes, Liz McClarnon is the only remaining original member., 3:D - Freed From Desire was a hit in mainland Europe in 1996 and then the UK in 1997. Wikipedia claims that Stevenage fans turned it into a chant by adapting it for winger Luke Freeman as "Freeman's on fire, your right back is terrified!" in 2012, although I'm fairly certain Leyton Orient fans were singing it about Kevin Lisbie or Scott McGleish before that. Anyway, it might have been Will Grigg's tune at Euro 2016, it is Raheem's song right now. Apart from anything else "Immobile is on fire and your defence is terrified" doesn't scan properly., 4:C - Baddiel and Skinner had presented their show Fantasy Football League together from 1994 to 1996. Beware – the questions are going to get much more obscure and harder than this, 5:B - The song was recorded for when England hosted Euro 96 and so the line is "Thirty years of hurt". At that time lyricists Baddiel and Skinner weren't to know that England were going to remain trophy-less for decades after as well., 6:A - Rimet was a huge influence on world football, having been one of the people instrumental in founding FIFA, and then being FIFA president from 1921 to 1954. In the face of opposition from the Olympic movement and those opposed to professionalism in the game, Rimet drove forward plans which eventually lead to the first World Cup being held in Uruguay in 1930. The original World Cup trophy was named after him, hence they lyric., 7:B - It was bassist Alex James, who now runs a cheese operation from his big country house. The song at the time was intended to be an ironic undercut of some of the more obnoxious elements of England's fans, and it's genius refrain "We're going to score one more than you" certainly held true when England were beating Croatia 1-0 and the Czech Republic 1-0 in the group stages of Euro 2020., 8:A - It was Manic Street Preachers. The Wales manager at the time, Chris Coleman, said: "Manic Street Preachers have been passionate Welsh football supporters and all the lads enjoyed the experience and joined in." , 9:D - You've got to hold and give, but do it at the right time…, 10:C - Indeed. Also it turns out that there was more than one way to beat them. A soft penalty in extra-time against Denmark will do the trick just as well as getting round the back., 11:B - It was Diamond Lights. Their appearance with the song on Top Of The Pops is widely derided these days, but nevertheless the song reached number 12 in the charts, 12:A - Yes, Say It with Pride reached number 45 in the UK charts that year. Ole Ola (Mulher Brasileira) was their song for the 1978 World Cup, which was held in Argentina, making the 'Brasileira' reference quite puzzling. Easy Easy was actually an official Scotland song, ahead of the 1974 World Cup – although it didn't feature Costa Rica in the title, a country who have succesfully humiliated both Scotland and England in World Cups over the last few decades. Don't Come Home Too Soon was the somewhat less hubristic Scottish anthem for France 98, by Del Amitri, and is probably the best of the bunch., 13:B - Fog on the Tyne (Revisited) was a hit in 1990, being a reworked version of the title track on Lindisfarne's 1971 album. It reached number two in the singles chart in the UK. God it was easy to have a hit single if you were a footballer in the 80s and 90s., 14:A - It was terrible, and then it was No 1 for three whole weeks in the UK. Which must have been absolutely thrilling in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In fact it was number one for longer than the twelve days England lasted in that tournament after losing the quarter-final to West Germany., 15:D - More forgettable than England's actual 2010 World Cup campaign which is saying something., 16:D - I've got to be honest, you either need to know your Fall or know your 1980's FA chairman to have got that right – but there will be some of you who know both. Two of you, maybe?, 17:A - In an angst-ridden indie anthem that 99.99% of you have never heard, after a series of hotly disputed penalty kicks, the protagonist of the song ends up smashing the table football game to pieces and getting a ban from going round their mate's house to play Subbuteo. Truly a tragedy of Lear-like proportions for schoolkids in the 1980s., 18:B - That's Declan Donnelly. He's the slightly older one of the pair. Did you know the easiest way to tell them apart is that they always stand on TV in alphabetical order, with Ant on the left of your screen and Dec on the right? You do now., 19:A - The hits had slowed for OMD and they folded in the mid-90s after a hugely successful and brilliant career. Two of the members, Andy McCluskey and Stuart Kershaw, then put together and began writing the songs for Atomic Kitten, who would also go on to have a hugely successful and brilliant career, with three UK No 1 singles and seven top five hits., 20:A - We'll find out who is right on Sunday night… 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇮🇹


  1. 0 and above.

    Hope you had fun with the quiz! Enjoy the game on Sunday…

  2. 13 and above.

    Hope you had fun with the quiz! Enjoy the game on Sunday…

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