Sophie Turner has retired her red hair in favour of a natural summer blonde

sophie turner blonde hair
Sophie Turner has returned to her blonde rootsDaniele Venturelli - Getty Images

Sophie Turner has returned to her natural blonde roots after two consecutive years as a redhead. After retaining her spot as the auburn poster-girl, switching between vibrant maroon and realistic copper shades, the English actress debuted her refreshed sunny colour via an Instagram carousel, holidaying among friends in Alicante.

The Game of Thrones actress has fleeted between the two contrasting colours since retiring from her role as Sansa Stark in 2019, briefly switching back to her childhood hue before reviving her copper locks once once more in 2021. Earlier this year Turner trialled an electric cherry red shade before promptly returning to a more lived-in auburn for awards season.

While the cause for this latest transition remains undecided, we expect that Turner's bright new shade is connected to her highly anticipated role in ITV's upcoming project Joan. The 27-year-old first teased her blonde revival in a promotional shot for the television drama in which Turner will play 1980s jewel thief Joan Hannington. The curvaceous bleached bob garnered deserving attention online, a stark contrast to the X-Men star's typical grown-out lengths.

But with the premier of Greta Gerwig's Barbie creeping ever closer, we're certain that Turner's blonde debut will mark just one transition in a sea of lighter summer shades; over the weekend Angelina Jolie showcased a bright set of fresh highlights, while Zooey Deschanel also experimented with a Farrah Fawcett style bombshell wig. While each of these sunkissed transformations are worthy of a spot on our summer hair mood boards, Bazaar maintains that 'bronzed blonde' will dominate as one of the chicest transitional hair colours for the incoming warmer months. Especially for those who don't want to commit to a drastic makeover, a la Turner.

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