Sports minister Nigel Adams remorselessly teaches child lesson in cricket

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Sports minister Nigel Adams taught a 10-year-old a crucial lesson in the dangers of bowling short.

Youngsters often idolise their sporting heroes and in this case, the bowler in question may have watched a bit too much of Stuart Broad.

The likes of England bowler Broad are often criticised for their tendency not to pitch the ball up and it seems the habit has spread.

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With Adams facing, the bowler clearly thought a short ball outside the off stump would be a good way to claim a prized wicket.

How wrong they were.

With the nonchalance of a seasoned professional, the Goole-born MP rocked back and pulled the ball far over the rope for six.

The Minister of State for Sport, Media and Creative Industries even seemed incredibly proud of himself with the satisfying ‘clunk’ of the bat middling the ball.

He showed such a knack for the game that he even took part in some post-match sledging.

‘They need to learn bowling too short has consequences,’ he posted from his official Twitter account.

For what it’s worth, it was probably the width on offer which was punished by the 52-year-old.

‘A schoolboy error’

Amused internet viewers laughed at the video - before criticising both bowler and batsman.

One called it a ‘schoolboy error’, in obvious reference to the youngster’s age, while another slammed the decision to bowl short.

It even seemed to earn the MP an offer to play on the weekend, though we suspect the competition would be a tad more difficult.

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