SQUAD Instagram Live: Movement Clinic With Faisal on Wednesday

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Do you have any movements or exercises that you just can't seem to crack? Perhaps you've been plugging away at chest-to-bar pull-ups to no avail, or the devils press always nails your lower back. Maybe you're stuck at a weight on the bench, or want to bust through a plateau on your deadlift. Possibly (read: probably) you just want to know the absolute best form of bicep curl for an outrageous pump.

Well, we've got you. In our weekly Instagram Live coaching session on Wednesday 20th at 12.15pm, MH Elite coach and tour de force of training fun, Faisal Abdalla, will be breaking down the movements you've told us you find trickiest and giving you live demos to instantly level-up your training.

Available to full-access members on the private Men's Health SQUAD Instagram, tuning in is simple: just click on our logo when it appears at 12.15pm, surrounded by a fancy, multi-coloured circle (and the word 'LIVE' on it...). We will be posting a countdown clock to our Stories in the morning, which will let you set an automatic reminder, too.

We'll be asking for your movement queries via the SQUAD Instagram on Monday, so watch out for that. In the meantime, if you have one front of mind, please DM the MH SQUAD account and we'll get it on the list.

If you miss the Live, because of any of the multitude of valid reasons that real life presents, it will be up in our IGTV section shortly after it ends. There is already a library of workouts, Q&As and demos in there, so you can rifle through at your leisure.

Not yet a full-access member? Head to our membership subscription area to upgrade and receive the tuition and knowledge from our MH Elite coaching team direct to your device.

Join us. We've got you.

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