Still hails late Daggers rally

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John Still
John Still

Dagenham boss John Still believes his side have ended their season in top-of-the-table form after recording their biggest win of the campaign with a 4-0 home victory over Bristol Rovers.

A hat-trick from top scorer Brian Woodall and Danny Green's first goal of the season saw the Pirates thumped on the final day.

Still said: "In the last 10 games we've seen the real Dagenham. Having fit players available has made a real difference. In this game, we had players on the bench who could come on and change the game - we've not had that for the best part of the season.

"In the last 10 games we've looked like one of the best sides in the league.

"I'm pleased for Brian (Woodall) and lots of the players. They would have been disappointed with how the season has gone, but it's been a fantastic finish.

"We're a small club, but a decent side. We've got a young team, but they've got some good experience this season and the age of these players gives me lots of hope for the future. Our biggest problem is keeping hold of them.

Bristol Rovers boss Mark McGhee said: "We started well enough. In the first 20 minutes we passed the ball well and looked as if we were up for it.

"After they got the first goal we never recovered, we didn't have enough about ourselves to come back from that, on other occasions we've had more determination.

"We weren't a unit defensively, we didn't defend half as well as a team as we have been previously and a big part of defending is keeping the ball up front and we didn't do that well enough.

"You couldn't fault Conor Gough with any of the goals, he's come in at 18 and I don't think his performance was anything but encouraging. This was the last game of the season and we looked as if we weren't quite at it. Our away support was sensational, but we know we've got to give them more than that when we go away from home."

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