Swimmer 'drugged and left with several injuries' at World Championships

Swimmer 'drugged and left with several injuries' at World Championships - AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES
Swimmer 'drugged and left with several injuries' at World Championships - AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

A leading swimmer has said that she was drugged and left with a series of injuries to her body after a lost "four-to-six-hour window" on the final night of the World Championships in Budapest.

Mary-Sophie Harvey, a 22-year-old Canadian who claimed a bronze medal at the championships, has no recollection of what happened during the missing period of time but says she woke up with numerous bruises, a sprained rib and concussion.

Harvey, who also competed at the Tokyo Olympics, said that she had "never felt more ashamed" but said that she "won't let this event define me" and was speaking out to raise awareness of the issue.

"I ended up going to the hospital, where I was met with doctors and psychologists. They tested and treated me the best way they could," Harvey wrote on Instagram.

"They told me it happens more often [than] we think and that I was lucky in a way, to get out of this with a rib sprain and a small concussion. It did help me cure some of the fears I had but sadly not all of them."

Harvey, who won her medal at part of Canada’s relay team in the 200m freestyle, said that drink spiking cases were on the rise and referred to reports of other incidents in her Instagram post. She added that the issue is "still not being talked about enough" and urged both caution and awareness

"To anyone reading this, please be careful," she wrote. "I thought I was safe, that it would never happen to me, especially while being surrounded by friends. But it did… and I wish someone and educated me on the matter prior to that night.

"I’ve debated for a while on if I should or if I shouldn’t post anything. But I’ve always been transparent. These situations sadly happen too many times for me to stay silent."

Fina, swimming's world governing body, has announced that it will formally investigate.

"Fina is aware of the distressing reports regarding Mary-Sophie Harvey and Fina is deeply concerned about her wellbeing," it said.

"We are in contact with Swimming Canada and the local organising committee. In 2021, Fina adopted widespread measures aimed at safeguarding athletes and an independent investigation officer has been assigned to investigate the matter further."