Taliban Bans IPL Telecast In Afghanistan Due To Presence Of Women At UAE Stadiums

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IPL Afghanistan
IPL Afghanistan

Following a lengthy hiatus due to a COVID-19, the UAE leg of IPL 2021 started on Sunday with a high-octane match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. So far, two matches have been played in phase 2 of the tournament.

The Taliban has issued a warning to Afghan media outlets to not broadcast the second leg of the Indian Premier League due to the presence of women in the audience. The Taliban’s takeover has raised doubts on Afghanistan’s future participation in Test matches, as nations are required by the International Cricket Council to have an active women’s squad.

In a Tweet on Tuesday morning, an Afghan journalist notified the public about the situation. He said:

“Ridiculous: Taliban have banned the broadcasting of Indian Premier League (IPL) in Afghanistan. Taliban have warned that Afghan media outlets should not broadcast the Indian Cricket League due to girls dancing and the presence of female audience and spectators in stadiums.”

M Ibrahim Momand, the former media manager for the Afghanistan Cricket Board, also tweeted that IPL coverage has been banned in the nation due to possible anti-Islamic material, girls dancing, and the attendance of barred hair ladies in the Taliban’s Islamic Emirates.

Board is committed to maintaining and supporting women’s cricket: ACB Chairman

The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), however, has stated that a solution would be found and that they are committed to growing women’s cricket in the middle-east nation.

ACB Chairman said, “The new government of Afghanistan is focusing on its priority programmes. They haven’t told us anything regarding women cricket (but) we are committed to maintaining and supporting women cricket.”

Meanwhile, Cricket Australia has declared that they would have to reconsider their Test Match against Afghanistan after it was reported that women will not be allowed to play cricket in Afghanistan.

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