Tennis ace Aran Selvaraasan ready to kick on in promising career

After a raft of junior success, 12-year-old Selvaraasan is ready for even greater challenges

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Aran Selvaraasan is one of the brightest prospects in junior British tennis
Aran Selvaraasan is one of the brightest prospects in junior British tennis

By Oli Dickson Jefford, Sportsbeat

Manchester ace Aran Selvaraasan is ready to knuckle down and kick on in his promising tennis career.

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After first being introduced to the sport by his dad at the age of three, Selvaraasan, 12, has emerged as one of the most talented junior players across the UK.

And after recent successes at home and abroad, he is now preparing for the next significant steps in his career.

“A couple of weeks ago I won the Nationals, I thought that was really good. It’s very special knowing that I’m one of the best in the country,” said Selvaraasan, who is funded by a partnership between SportsAid and Isokinetic.

“In America I’ve played two tournaments, the Orange Bowl and Eddie Herr. In Eddie Herr I reached the quarter-final, losing to the winner, and in the Orange Bowl I came seventh, which I thought was a great achievement for me. It’s a good experience

“I’m willing to continue and there’s a couple of tournaments, Tennis Europe events, that I’m going to play in a couple of months' time, just to get more exposure to different players, courts and conditions, and to push ahead.

“Ultimately I want to be moving on to ITFs and try and become a top pro. I know it’s tough but I’m willing to work hard and make sacrifices.”

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As Selvaraasan looks to emulate greats of the game, he is grateful for SportsAid’s support.

Selvaraasan, who is supported by SportsAid and commercial partner Isokinetic, added: “I like all of the big three, Roger, Rafa and Djokovic. I like Federer the most because he’s a class player and I like his all-court game style. He’s a nice person off the court generally.

“SportsAid’s support is really appreciated, it’s been helping me a lot in my game. Also Tennis First, Wilson Rackets and the LTA have been supporting me with my travel and competing.

“It’s quite an expensive support so I’m happy with all the support I can get.”

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