The Tennis Podcast: Nick Kyrgios – Murray should coach, maybe I’ll ask him

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Nick Kyrgios has raised the possibility of being coached by Andy Murray in the future - AFP
Nick Kyrgios has raised the possibility of being coached by Andy Murray in the future - AFP

What will Andy Murray do next? That’s the question on many people’s lips following Murray’s announcement that he will retire before the end of the year. One man with a suggestion is Nick Kyrgios. On The Tennis Podcast, presenter Catherine Whitaker discusses her Eurosport interview with Kyrgios in which the Australian hinted at the possibility of Murray coaching him in the future.

Despite admitting that he needs a coach, Kyrgios has spent most of his career without one. Murray, meanwhile, has been open about his interest in eventually turning his hand to coaching. Furthermore, it’s well-known that the pair get on well, with Murray being a mentor to Kyrgios throughout their time on tour together.

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“Kyrgios told me that he’s not sure if Murray is ready for him yet”, says Whitaker. “But he’s well up for it when Murray is ready.”

Whitaker is joined by David Law (BBC 5 Live, BT Sport) and The Telegraph’s Simon Briggs to discuss the idea. Would Murray be able to get the best out of Kyrgios on a regular basis? And would Kyrgios be willing to put in the work?

Elsewhere, there’s chat about Kyrgios’ prospects at the upcoming Australian Open, and Rafael Nadal’s newly re-modelled service motion is mentioned. Has he made the adjustment for tactical or physical reasons?

Finally, discussion takes a political turn as Briggs gives his take on the storm surrounding Saturday’s player council meeting. Why do some players want to eject Chris Kermode from his position as ATP president? Would a players’ union satisfy their desires? And how is the whole situation complicated by the felony charge hanging over Justin Gimelstob? 

The Tennis Podcast will be produced daily throughout the Australian Open, in association with The Telegraph. 

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