‘We have thought for some time’ - What Liverpool owners have said about FFP rules

John W. Henry, owner of Liverpoo
-Credit: (Image: Michael Regan - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

It seems June 30 has become a mini-deadline within the domestic transfer market due to the composition of Premier League spending rules.

The current three year-cycle within Profit & Sustainability Rules ends on Sunday with a number of clubs fearing potential sanctions with their cash books close to finance limits. Simply speaking, some may look to sell more players before the weekend is out as a result.

The points penalties handed out to Everton and Nottingham Forest last season have - for the most part - caused top-flight clubs to be more careful with their spending. Still, reports suggest several club owners are fretting over their accounts ahead of Sunday.

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Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group is not one of them. It has long proclaimed to be diligent in its work, with chief John W Henry exclusively telling the Liverpool Echo last year that he aims to continue “investing wisely”.

The American said: “You are right that there are ever-increasing financial challenges in the Premier League.

“The league itself is extraordinarily successful and is the greatest football competition in the world, but we’ve thought for some time there should be limits on spending so that the league doesn’t go the way of European leagues where one or two clubs annually have little competition.

“Excitement depends on competition and is the most important component of the Premier League.”

Henry added: “We continue building at Liverpool Football Club in a responsible manner. We’ve seen many football clubs — including LFC previously — go down unsustainable paths.

“We have and will continue to focus our attention on investing wisely in the transfer market and we remain incredibly proud of our squad.

“At the same time, we continue investing in our training facilities, our main stand and currently the Anfield Road stand. These are all physical reflections of our resolve and how very seriously Fenway Sports Group takes its responsibilities for this great club.”

The Premier League voted to, in theory, implement fresh finance rules ahead of next season, which are non-binding and will shadow the current set of rules. There has been criticism that the current rules prohibit lower-placed clubs from cutting the gap to the ‘big six’.

The proposals are set to adopt a new anchoring system, whereby a spending cap is calculated from a multiple of the bottom club’s broadcast revenue. There is further scepticism over whether such regulations will make much difference.