Tottenham players branded ‘perennial losers’ as Jose Mourinho comments defended

Alex Young
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 (Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty I)
(Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty I)

Tottenham players have been branded as "a bunch of perennial losers" as Jose Mourinho's recent comments were today defended by Simon Jordan.

Spurs yet again saw a lead slip at the weekend as they missed the chance of leaping into fourth spot with a 2-2 draw at struggling Newcastle.

Following the game, Mourinho blamed his players for Joe Willock's late goal. When asked told his teams are usually good at defending leads, Mourinho told the BBC: "Same coach, different players."

Perceived as a dig to his squad and a dismal of questions over his tactics, Mourinho has faced criticism from sections of the Spurs fanbase for the comments.

But Jordan, former Crystal Palace owner, says Mourinho has his work cut out with the quality of his players.

He told talkSPORT: "Let’s look at the reality of what is being alleged of Mourinho. Someone asks him a question, he gives a factual answer. It’s a factual answer.

"'Jose, what happens to teams that used to be very good at defending a lead?' Same coach, fact. Different players, fact. You want to turn that into some sinister, macabre, pretentious observation of throwing his players under the bus.

"The same players, by the way, that he defends quite regularly, but that doesn’t get written about in quite the same flourishing style. We don’t see the headline saying, ‘Spurs delight’ when Mourinho is praising his players. The same players by the way that were an absolute disgrace against Dimano Zagreb.

"Suddenly now, they are furious because their coach has made a factual observation. A bunch of perennial losers that haven’t won anything, that have been knocked out of FA Cup semi-finals regularly, that got to a Champions League final and stunk the final out, that should have won the league when Leicester City won it.

"Maybe, just maybe, there should have been a change. I’m not suggesting that this constant, negative reinforcement at times of points from Mourinho is the right way to go. But Mourinho has won something at every single club. He has gone to Tottenham and they are not good enough!"

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