'Tragic': Toddler shoots mum dead while on Zoom work call

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A toddler who stumbled upon a loaded gun has accidentally shot and killed his mother, who was on a Zoom call.

On Wednesday, 21-year-old Shamaya Lynn from the US state of Florida was on a work-related Zoom call when another member in the call noticed it appeared she needed help.

Ms Lynn's colleague said they saw the toddler behind her and then heard a noise, Altamonte Springs Police Department said in a statement.

Pictured in the generic photo is the Zoom logo on a computer
A mother was on a Zoom call when one of her colleagues noticed something was wrong. Source: Getty Images

Ms Lynn fell backwards and never returned to the call, then one of her colleagues called the authorities.

Officers and paramedic arrived at the scene, and did their best rendering first aid to Ms Lynn, who was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Local news station WESH reported the toddler seen in the background of the call was Ms Lynn's child. At the time of the incident, her other child was also at her apartment.

Altamonte Springs Police said investigators determined the toddler found the loaded gun which was left unsecured in the apartment by an adult.

Pictured in this photo is the apartment building Shamaya Lynn lived.
The police determined Shamaya Lynn's child had found the loaded gun. Source: WKMG-TV,

"The investigation is ongoing and detectives are working closely with the Seminole County State Attorney’s Office concerning any charges which may be appropriate for the owner of the firearm," police said.

The firearm which was used in the fatal shooting belonged to the children's father, WKMG-TV reported.

WESH reported neither of the children were harmed in the incident and they are now being cared for by relatives.

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