Our review of Emma's Signature Bed — is it worth the spend?

emma bed frame review
Our review of Emma's Signature BedEmma Sleep

You'll know sleep brand Emma because of its luxury range of top-quality mattresses, but did you know it also offers a range of bed frames to complement? Here's the House Beautiful review of the brand's original Signature Bed frame, which is available with 30 per cent off right now.

Once the only frame on the brand's roster, the Signature Bed is now part of a five-strong range, including a divan and ottoman bed among other standard options. It's a smart, classic design with a grey fabric finish that carries through to its padded tufted headboard, and black wooden legs. It comes in double, king and super king sizes, in two shades of grey, with the choice to add the headboard and matching under-bed storage boxes.

This frame is at the lower end of the brand's price range, costing £518 for a double, £553 for a king and £588 for a super king with a headboard. Prices are on average around £100 less for the version without. It's also currently 30 per cent off, giving you a generous saving on a luxe-looking bed.

So, is it worth the spend? Here's what we thought when we tried the Emma Signature frame.

Emma Bed Frame Review: The Signature Bed

The assembly

The brand claims that the frame takes only 30 minutes to put together and this was proven when tested. The instructions were easy to follow; I was impressed as I've spent far longer battling with IKEA frames. There were technically two of us on the job, but I spent more time directing my more DIY-friendly assistant than grafting, so it's something you could assemble alone if needed.

Saying that, I would recommend using a drill over the included Allen key. It would have taken us considerably longer to put together without ours! This was a substantial frame to assemble with lots of pieces and I wouldn't want to tackle it by hand.

The design

We tried the dark grey option, which is probably slightly less versatile than the paler hue, but no less chic. Once up, it was clear that it's a high-quality piece of furniture; it looked very smart in situ. I'm a big IKEA fan but it's clearly superior to my previous IKEA frame in both its construction and looks.

It's got a good height, making it an imposing statement piece. I've never tried any other frame so tall! There are also two pockets on either side, which are great for keeping your phone or book handy.

Storage-wise, we fit six roomy under-bed boxes underneath, and they can be pushed back far enough that they don't detract from the overall look. You could also invest in the matching boxes for a fully-complementary scheme.

The feel

This was a real highlight. I have a Simba Luxe mattress, which was lovely to sleep on before. However, after switching to this frame, it felt like a brand new mattress.

I almost couldn't believe the impact the frame had made to my overall sleeping experience and how refreshed I felt in the morning. It felt like sleeping in a fancy hotel. This alone made it worth the money for me.

Take note

My only quibble would be that while it was quick and easy to assemble, I’m dubious whether taking it apart would be so smooth. Each slat is held in place with its own plastic holder which snap into place on the frame. I put one in the wrong place and it was a pain to remove.

I have no other complaints. So, if you have no plans to move any time soon, this won't be a problem.

emma mattress bed review
Emma Mattress

Emma Bed Frame: The Verdict

This is a supportive bed frame that will properly support your mattress and, therefore, you. Aesthetically speaking, it's quite limited; if you're not after a grey bed with a tufted headboard, it naturally won't be suitable. It would be great to see new designs, although the brand does offer a good range of options for those seeking an alternate look.

Overall, however, I'd recommend this bed frame. It's lightweight, supportive, easy to assemble and looks great in my room. You can pick up the Emma Signature Bed — currently with a 30 per cent discount — here.

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