Truth behind Wayne Rooney's foot massage story – and who for England really had it done

Wayne Rooney of England in action during the FIFA World Cup Finals 2006 Round Of 16 match between England and Ecuador at Gottlieb Daimler Stadion on June 25, 2006 in Stuttgart, Germany.
-Credit: (Image: Richard Sellers/Sportsphoto/Allstar via Getty Images)

Former Manchester United masseuse Rod Thornley has shared his side of Wayne Rooney's massage story that went viral.

Rooney recently claimed that, during their time away with England, Frank Lampard and John Terry would be given foot massages that put them to sleep. Rooney even suggested that club masseur Billy McCulloch would tuck the pair of them into bed.

Lampard wasn't having any of it and said Rooney had "selective memory" when it came to the masseuse story - and that he'd "have a word with him", while appearing on the a radio show.

Fellow masseuse and former United and England staff member, Rod Thornley, appeared on Reach's new Euro Thrash podcast - which you can find in YouTube, Apple and Spotify - to officially set the record straight on the curious foot rub story.

Speaking on Euro Thrash, Thornley said: "In 2006, before we went off to the World Cup, there was a little bit of a thing about needing an extra masseur, an extra pair of hands, and it was more the Chelsea lads trying to get their man in from Chelsea, a guy called Billy.

"He came in for that World Cup, and I can't tell you Lamps definitely did it, but John Terry would always have his feet massaged, he definitely went back to John's room and massaged him. And Wayne Bridge would have it done as well, because they were close as well – not John Terry and Wayne Bridge, the other way, the masseur with them two."

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Thornley added: "He would literally go back to their rooms and send them to sleep by massaging their feet. It was nothing that we as a medical team agreed should be happening, but apparently it just did."

When discussing Lampard and Rooney's recollection of the foot rub tale, Thornley noted that the England team-mates never shared rooms and that Rooney may have remembered the situation incorrectly. He noted: "They never shared rooms. Everyone had their own room, even myself."

So, when Thornley was asked if Lampard was potentially brought into the massage story for no reason, he replied: "Yeah, it sounds that way."

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