Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder rematch: American provides ‘proof’ he won controversial WBC title fight

Jack Watson
The Independent

Deontay Wilder has released footage of what he claims is ‘proof’ that Tyson Fury did not make the 10 second count when the American knockout him down in the final round.

Fury dominated the early stages of the fight but was knocked down by the hard-hitting American in the ninth and 12th round, which cost him victory in the WBC heavyweight title fight and resulted in the bout ending in a controversial draw.

Both fighters feel aggrieved about the result and want a rematch in 2019, potentially putting a unification bout with Anthony Joshua on hold, but Wilder believes the first fight should have been stopped in the final round.

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“The Sick MFs That hate I won, The Blind MFs that can’t face reality and the MFs that just don’t want to see US Succeed,” he posted on Twitter along with ‘proof’ he beat Fury. He uploaded a video that has a timer counting up to 10 alongside footage of Fury being knocked down and getting back to his feet after the 10 seconds were up.

The video then shows boxers from other fights being stopped for failing to make a count of the same time, therefore highlighting that Fury should not have been allowed to continue fighting for the remaining 90 seconds of the contest.

On Instagram he claimed the count started late, but praised the experienced referee Jack Reiss, “I can’t wait for Wilder vs Fury 2 to end the controversial talk around the world once and for all!!” Wilder said.

“Did the count start 3-4 seconds too late or was the count too long is the question many are asking and debating about. The ref Jack Reiss is an amazing ref who I’ve had the pleasure of working with on several occasions. He did a great job and at the end of the day boxing wins, the fans are the real winner,” he added.

“It was an amazing fight and I wanted nothing but greatness to come from this. The fight lived up to the hype more than ever. When you put the best against the best, exciting things happen. I take nothing away from this fight but we won this fight.”

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