UK weather: Met Office reveals when Britons will see 25C summer temperatures

People enjoy the sunny weather at a park in London on Sunday  (AP)
People enjoy the sunny weather at a park in London on Sunday (AP)

A Met Office meteorologist has revealed her forecast of when the UK could receive temperatures “with highs of around 24 to 25”.

Britons could soon experience 25C temperatures as a Met Office forecast predicts a lifting of the cloud cover and a return of sunny spells during the day.

While temperatures dipped a bit on Monday after a sunny bank holiday weekend for most parts, clouds are set to clear off on Tuesday morning to make way for the sun again.

The forecast for Tuesday predicts a “fine and dry” day with “plenty of sunshine” for most parts, except for some areas that may have to deal with clouds for a bit longer.

The day is set to start off cooler as overnight temperatures dropped but as it progresses, temperatures might climb up to 24-25C.

Met Office meteorologist Rachel Ayers said there might even be “a touch of grass frost” in rural areas in central and northern UK on Tuesday morning, but clouds will soon “start lifting and breaking”, leaving plenty of sunny spells.

The best of warm weather will remain further west, while it will be cloudier down the eastern coast, according to the Met Office.

Northeasterly winds can continue to bring some cooler winds, but there will be sunshine for a lengthy period once again after a brief break.

“So as here, we will see the highest temperatures once more, with highs of around 24 to 25 even across some parts of Western and central Scotland,” Ms Ayers said, adding that anyone planning to spend long hours outside must take precautions from UV rays.

Overnight, the weather can again get cloudier, particularly for Wales and southwest England.

Central parts of England and Wales, as well as parts of Shetland, can even see the odd spot of rain and drizzle, but parts of Northern Ireland and western Scotland will see clearer skies.

Looking ahead, Wednesday morning can again be cooler, but fine weather is set to continue across the country.

Western regions will consistently experience the highest temperatures, while eastern areas will maintain a cool breeze from the North Sea, suggested the forecast.

Beyond this week, settled conditions are expected to continue, according to the long-range forecast.

Dry and bright weather is expected nationwide, with the best sunny spells still anticipated to be in western regions.

While some low cloudy weather is possible in eastern areas during the early hours of each day, it is expected to dissipate towards the North Sea coastline as the day progresses.

Moving from early to mid-June, there is a slight chance of sporadic thundery showers and slightly stronger winds reaching southern areas.