UK weather: Met Office reveals when temperatures will hit 27C

Britain is in for a delightful spell of warm weather this week as temperatures rise due to the arrival of an “Iberian plume” that will bring warm air from Spain.

While Tuesday was slightly cooler for eastern and central areas, Wednesday is expected to bring some sunshine back as clouds move eastwards, the Met Office forecast said.

The best of the sun is again expected in the west, which has witnessed some of the warmest temperatures of the season so far. Eastern areas will continue to experience the lowest temperatures as the east-west weather divide continues.

“As with last week, the sunniest and warmest weather will be to the west of the UK with cooler, cloudier conditions persisting in the east for the next few days,” Met Office chief meteorologist Paul Gundersen said.

“The cloud will push inland across the country overnight, turning back to the east coast by day,” he said.

“Cloud amounts may vary day to day which will affect the feel of the weather in some areas. There is a small risk of an isolated shower across northern areas on Wednesday.”

As the end of the week nears, the temperature is set to get warmer. The Met Office said Thursday will be largely settled with a sunny day for many. However, it may be increasingly windy for southern and southwestern areas.

The mercury is expected to climb up as high pressure continues to dominate the UK with reports suggesting the arrival of an Iberian plume.

An Iberian plume is a weather phenomenon that brings hot air from the Iberian Peninsula – that cuts across Spain and Portugal – towards the UK. It occurs when a high-pressure system over the Iberian Peninsula pushes warm air northward, resulting in elevated temperatures in the UK.

The warm air mass from the Iberian Peninsula can bring heatwaves and increase temperatures significantly, often resulting in exceptionally warm and sunny conditions in the UK during the summer months.

The Met Office also anticipates temperatures to soar higher as southern areas can expect highs of 27C, which will be the highest for the year so far.

The north, however, will experience slightly cooler temperatures at around 20C.

People bask in the sun in Bournemouth beach (Getty Images)
People bask in the sun in Bournemouth beach (Getty Images)

The highest temperature of the year recorded so far was witnessed in Porthmadog on Sunday at 25C.

This warm trend is expected to continue through Friday and the weekend, but there is a chance of thunderstorms as an area of low pressure moves in from the southwest.

Looking ahead, occasional heavy rain and thunderstorms may occur in the south towards the end of June, but temperatures are expected to remain above average.