US hopes that Ukraine aid will force Russia to negotiate by end of 2024 — official

Sustained Western aid to Ukraine will compel Russia to negotiate on terms favorable to Kyiv by the end of 2024, U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser Jonathan Finer said on Dec. 8.

"We want to position Ukraine in such a way by the end of next year that Russia will have to decide whether to come to the negotiating table with conditions acceptable to Ukraine..., or confront a stronger Ukraine," Finer said at the Aspen Security Forum, quoted by Interfax-Ukraine

Finer believes that a more robust industrial base in the United States and Europe, which will enhance the capabilities of both the U.S. and Ukrainian military industries, will help power a new counteroffensive.

The United States is actively working on the development of the Ukrainian defense industry, he said. These matters were discussed at a conference at the U.S. Department of Commerce, with the participation of U.S., EU, and Ukrainian defense contractors and governments.

At the time, the White House reported that the conference participants "focused on significantly increasing the production of weapons to support the defense of Ukraine."

It is reported that the United States and Ukraine have signed a protocol of intent on joint arms production and exchange of technical data. Specifically, this pertains to cooperation in the production and maintenance of air defense systems, as well as critical ammunition.

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Previously, it was announced that the United States provided Ukraine with the technology to produce the so-called FrankenSAM — an air defense system made by merging Soviet-era launchers with modern Western AA missiles.

Additionally, the U.S. State Department plans to send an adviser to Kyiv to support and expedite Ukraine's transition to operationally compatible military forces, combat corruption, and attract foreign investment to critical industries.

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