WATCH: Ukrainians dodge bombs and bullets to rescue dogs and cats stranded in floodwaters

After the dam in southern Ukraine's Nova Kakhovka was blown up on Tuesday, entire neighborhoods of Kherson were left underwater, and thousands of animals became stranded as the areas were evacuated.

Dogs and cats isolated on the rubble of flooded homes have had to survive without food or family.

Rescue Animals Kharkiv volunteers have managed to retrieve more than 100 animals in the days after the dam was ruptured.

In the Kherson neighbourhood of Island, household pets loitered around the roofs of homes submerged by floodwater, as rescuers arrived by motorboats.

On Thursday, a volunteer of eight years, Volodymyr Holubnichii and his colleagues rescued more than 20 animals, while shelling was sporadically heard in the distance.

"It's all exactly life and it should be valued like any life," said Holubnichii. "It doesn't matter if it's a person, an animal, or something else. In any case, we are helping."