WNBA star blasts league as unsafe as she announces early retirement for ‘healing and personal growth’

WNBA player Liz Cambage is leaving basketball ‘for the time being’  (ECambage/Instagram/Bleacher Report/Twitter)
WNBA player Liz Cambage is leaving basketball ‘for the time being’ (ECambage/Instagram/Bleacher Report/Twitter)

A four-time WNBA All-Star is hanging up her jersey after reaching a "contract divorce" with her team and suggesting the league needs "safer environments" for new players.

Liz Cambage, an Australian former player for the Los Angeles Sparks, is stepping away from the league "for the time being" just three weeks after she and the team split ways.

Ms Cambage made the announcement in an Instagram post.

Though her statements immediately after the split made it seem like she was amicably stepping away from the game, she did suggest she faced struggles with safety and support as a new player.

“I’m hopeful that the WNBA will do their part in creating safer environments and a stronger support system for their players,” she said.

She also referenced potentially shedding light on "past rumours."

“While I’ll miss rocking the purple and gold, I’ll be taking this time to focus on my healing and personal growth before providing clarification on past rumors.”

Just before the last Olympic games, Ms Cambage was accused of shouting racial slurs at Nigeria’s national team during a private practice. She was reprimanded after a formal investigation into the incident. Ms Cambage denied any wrongdoing and later left the Australian national team citing mental health issues.

It is unclear if the “rumours” she plans to address are related to that incident.

She said she was “sorry to have left abruptly and I wish it would have ended on a different note.”

Last month, Ms Cambage had an “amicable” split from Los Angeles Sparks. Eric Holoman, the managing partner for the team, said the organisation wants “what’s best for Liz and have agreed to part ways amicably.”