Winter Olympic Google Doodles, ranked

Brian De Los Santos
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The Olympics are a time for some of the world's best athletes to compete on the world's grandest stage. It's a time for the best humans on Earth to shine. But, you know, some times animals want in on the action too.

Cartoon animals, rather. During the duration of the Winter Games, Google has been throwing its own Doodle Snow Games, a lovely series of animations where jovial animals compete in Olympics-style competitions for superfluous awards. There's chipmunks, millipedes, and raccoon dogs. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

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As the Winter Games are coming to an end, it only makes sense to rank these works of art, awarding bronze, silver, and gold to the top three.

Take a look at some screenshots below and click through to see the full animation.

15. This archerfish is kinda rude, tbh

Image: Google

I don't know what the deal with this fish is, but shooting your homies out of a tree is not Olympic behavior. Just look how resentful this insect looks. Last place.

14.  A stealthy bear takes gold

Image: Google

This bear is great at the slalom, but that's about it.

13. This flying squirrel might have cheated?

Image: google

I mean this squirrel is cool, but something about being able to fly in a flying-based competition seems a bit unfair, no?

12. A tragic story of a beetle named beetle

Image: google

Honestly, I was just hoping this lil dude was ok.

11. Ducks get an A for trying

Image: google

The sound effects on this one get an A+, and hey, these ducks are the true winners just for trying.

10. Doggos do flippos

Image: google

Dogs flipping - what else do you need?

9. Millipede just wants to have fun

Image: google

Millipede loves speed skating, but the real challenge is lacing up the skates. 

8. An onslaught of snowboarding zoo animals

Image: google

Tag yourself. I'm homie on the far left.

7. Highly skilled ice hockey cranes

Image: google

These cranes play hockey with THEIR BEAKS. Yes, THEIR BEAKS.

6. Sweet grebes ice dancing for Valentine's Day

Image: google

Love isn't dead, it's two birds dancing on ice.

5. Dog lives best life while watching fireworks on ski lift

Image: google

Have you ever watched fireworks atop a ski lift? Well, if this dog's reaction is any indication, it looks like a blast. They're good fireworks, Brent.

4. Unsuspecting raccoon dog wins gold ribbon 

Image: google

I've got no idea what a raccoon dog is, but it sure is good at the downhill slope.

Bronze: Turtle and hare team up in heartwarming story

Image: google

This tale of sportsmanship deserves a gold medal, as well as an Oscar.

Silver: Chipmunk eats acorn to win at hockey

Image: google


Gold: Tortoise curls its way to gold

Image: google

We can all agree that curling is the best Olympic sport. We can also all agree that turtles are great.

See you next time, Google creatures.

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