This woman bought a house off Craigslist and turned it into an adorable Airbnb

A crafty entrepreneur named Kayla Mason is going viral on TikTok after sharing how she found a $38,000 house on Craigslist and transformed it into a “fully functioning Airbnb.”

By day, Mason is the owner of a mindfulness brand called Breathe KC. In other words, her job has absolutely nothing to do with real estate or lodging management. She became the owner of an Airbnb “completely by chance.”

“Before a trip out [to the Ozarks] I checked Zillow and there happened to be an A-frame for sale that had been on the market for over 140 days and was a few streets away from our friends. We made a point to look at it and I put an offer on it two days later!” Mason told In The Know.

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Unfortunately, other people were also interested in the same house — and so ultimately, Mason’s offer didn’t end up getting accepted. However, she couldn’t stop thinking about owning an A-frame and all of the things she’d be able to do with the house, so she kept searching online until she came across something similar.

“I decided to do a search on Craigslist one day just to check. I was shocked when I found one that was for sale by owner, in the same subdivision as the one I had put an offer on, and at a cheaper price!” she said. “I contacted the owner, and asked my friends to do a quick walk-through. I ended up purchasing the place without even seeing it myself!”

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Credit: Trista Eleanor
Credit: Trista Eleanor

As Mason explained in her now-viral TikTok, she spent several months — from Nov. 2019 to June 2020 — fixing up her $38,000 house. With a little paint here and some throw pillows there, she turned the getaway into a Scandinavian-style oasis.

“We tried to get out there one weekend per month (it’s three hours from where we live) and get as much done as we could in that time,” she said. “Winter was tough since we had to winterize it every time that we left and had some pipe issues due to freezing. I replaced the flooring, painted the interior and exterior, put on new counter tops, added a new bathroom vanity and furnished the place mainly from Facebook marketplace!”

Credit: Courtesy of Kayla Mason
Credit: Courtesy of Kayla Mason

In total, Mason says she spent around $10,000 on renovations, bringing her total investment on her Ozarks abode to just under $50,000. Considering that the house is fully functional and has everything anyone could ever want or need, that’s a steal!

Though the A-frame house is basically Mason’s dream home, she says her favorite part is the back deck, which looks out onto a clear view of the lush backyard.

Credit: Courtesy of Kayla Mason
Credit: Courtesy of Kayla Mason

“Having my morning coffee out there (local Kansas City coffee is provided for those that stay!), starring out into the trees on a crisp morning — that is what life is all about for me!”

For people who are thinking about investing in a vacation home/Airbnb, Mason’s advice is to listen to your gut instincts and always do your research before making any major purchases.

“If it feels right, go for it!” Mason said. “Do your checks and balances: Does it make sense financially? Do you have access to resources to take on a project like that? And keep dreaming and putting those thoughts out there. If it’s meant to be, it will.”

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