Yahoo Sports Technology Awards judge Becky Brewerton at the cutting edge of life with the club

Swinging: Becky Brewerton is lending her expert eye to the up-coming awards
Swinging: Becky Brewerton is lending her expert eye to the up-coming awards

When you’re judging the up-coming Yahoo Sports Technology Awards, it’s fair to say you’re well qualified to discuss the cutting edge kits which we’re all going to be talking about soon.

Ladies European Tour Golf professional Becky Brewerton knows a thing or two about what’s around the corner and she knows where technology may be guiding the future of sport.

Tech and every sport now go hand-in-hand and the golfer says it’s an honour to be involved.

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“I believe that different sports can help each other improve and having knowledge of what’s happening in other areas will be a great benefit to me,” Becky said. “I’m not sure what to expect but the entries will be very interesting to see. There are a host of top names that are judging across a huge range of sports and industries, so I’m sure I will learn a huge amount that will benefit me personally as an athlete, too.

Gold standard: but she isn’t sure golf should be an Olympic sport
Gold standard: but she isn’t sure golf should be an Olympic sport

“There are so many new apps and bits of kit coming out to help athletes make gradual gains. I can see a day where athletes are able to use technology to monitor exactly what is happening in their body at all times. I think science and technology are helping us understand the body more, especially in the mental aspect.

“Often, we say the difference between good and great is mental, and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what that means, but if you can know exactly where your body needs to be, and where your mind is at, it’s possible to answer the golden question of ‘how good is my best’. I think about that a lot, as right now it’s impossible to know if you’re ever truly at your peak.”

She says she would bite your hand off to represent Team GB at the Olympics as the debate about what sports should and shouldn’t be included rages on.

“I always think back to my younger days watching the Olympics and all the best moments come from the traditional track and field events,” she adds.

“Golf has recently been added, but I must admit I’m not sure it should be included. There was a lot of debate about whether an Olympic event would be the pinnacle of your career, and we saw in 2016 that many big players decided not to go – it showed that it will never be the pinnacle for many players.

“Personally, I would jump at the chance to go and represent GB, but if somebody gave me the choice between winning a major or winning an Olympic medal, hand on heart, I’d go with the major.”

Entries to both the Yahoo Sports Technology Awards and the Sports Technology Awards Startups close on 5th December 2018; details on categories, judges and entry forms can be found at or call the sales office on +44 (0) 20 3150 2080