You're gonna want the Chanel Dad sandals dupes we've found on the high street

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It's not exactly the weather for it, but you have to see these Chanel sandals dupes. If you've been coveting the designer label's chunky shoes but, alas, do not have the funds to splash out (us neither), we have some seriously great news worth scrolling for.

The ugly shoe trend was born back in 2015 when Balenciaga dropped its chunky Triple S trainers. No sooner had the cult sneaker saturated all of our Instagram feeds (tbf, it actually took a while, since no one could get their hand on a pair), Chanel dropped the daddy of all 'dad' shoes.

Yep, we're talking about Chanel's dad sandals. The quilted, velcro-fastening, orthopaedic AF style that, frankly, we wouldn't have looked twice at was it not for the shiny double C logo emblazoned on 'em. Then the penny dropped: high fashion doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Cue the wedding bells (we in lurrrve).

Three years on and this sandal has truly trumped any 'ugly' predecessors before it. It's cute, hella comfy and surprisingly versatile. Don't believe us? Check out the many a high-low styling sitches below, courtesy of our fave influencers:

So, by now, you're probably sold. However, there's just one tiny, weeny issue: they'll cost you an arm and a leg. Now, we want to see our feet swaddled in spenny padded leather just as much as the next girl, but we've got bills to pay.

For those who don't have circa £2k lying around, the high street has some incredible dupes starting from less than £50.

First up is Mango. The brand dropped some great lookalikes of Chanel's quilted denim sandals earlier this season, but they sold out very quickly. Luckily, we've found 'em on ASOS with most sizes still in stock.

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BUY NOW Quilted denim sandals, £49.99, Mango at ASOS

Dune was actually the first high street store to create Chanel sandal dupes, back in May 2020. The brand's iteration has the same black quilted leather and double-strap slingback shape upper, but the logo emblem has been swapped for a cool gold-tone lock.

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BUY NOW Lockstock leather sandals, Was £110, Now £88, Dune

Naturally, as soon as the high street store debuted this designer lookalike it sold out faster than you can utter the word 'Chanel'. It also seemed like every British influencer managed to get their hands on a pair 😤, despite the fact us mere mortals had to sit in the 800-strong waiting list.

These days, they're easier to get hold (but no less covetable!) and finally reduced in the sale. But if you want a pair, hurry TF up: Dune has warned us that this is the final drop.

Also reduced to £88 is the brand's lookalike of Chanel's tweed sandals inspired by its iconic suits.

The upper is made from a similar bouclé fabric, woven with black and metallic threads. Again, this style is sure to sell out preeeetty quickly.

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BUY NOW Lockstock leather sandals, Was £110, Now £88, Dune

Already missed the boat? Don't worry, Arket has just released another great Chanel dupe. It's crafted from croc-effect patent leather in the same double-strap slingback shape, and even has a moulded footbed and velcro fastening. The one thing missing is obvs the CC logo, but you're gonna have to get over it folks.

These babies will look incredible with wide-leg jeans, but they can also tone down feminine summer dresses and give slinky slip dresses an edge.

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