Ruthless New Zealand cruise to Rugby Championship win over sloppy Argentina

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Ruthless New Zealand cruise to Rugby Championship win over sloppy Argentina - AP
Ruthless New Zealand cruise to Rugby Championship win over sloppy Argentina - AP
  • Argentina defend valiantly for 34 minutes, trailing only 7-0

  • Yellow card sees floodgates open, as Rieko Ioane and Dalton Papalii scored tries before half-time

  • Argentina's discipline suffered as New Zealand cantered away in the second-half

  • Rugby Championship 2021: fixtures, results and table

New Zealand blended set-piece dominance with stonewall defence to trounce an undisciplined Argentina side 39-0 and claim their third successive win of a perfect Rugby Championship campaign on the Gold Coast on Sunday.

With a string of key players absent or rested, some fringe All Blacks had their chance to shine, with No 8 Luke Jacobson grabbing two second-half tries and recalled winger Sevu Reece scoring one in the first half of a menacing display.

Utility back Rieko Ioane and flanker Dalton Papalii also had tries in the opening stanza as the relentless All Blacks recorded their third bonus-point win of the tournament.

The Mario Ledesma-coached Pumas gave up two yellow cards in the match and have now failed to score in two successive Tests against the All Blacks, having lost 38-0 in last year's Tri-Nations.


09:17 AM

Julian Montoya speaks post-match to Sky Sports

It's a tough defeat but we have six days to keep on working and improving.

We have to keep on working, improving and we have to prepare a new game. We have to be hard on ourselves.

09:15 AM

Brodie Retallick speaks post-match to Sky Sports

We can be incredibly proud of that performance, to keep them at zero defensively, and we had to really wear them down.

There will be things to work on but we can be proud of that great effort.

We can keep building on what we achieved, but on the whole if we keep building we're in a good spot.

09:13 AM


09:12 AM

Full-time: NZ 39 ARG 0

Argentina throw the kitchen sink at it at the end, but they have been well beaten today.

The effort cannot be knocked, but New Zealand were a class above - especially in the tight exchanges.

09:10 AM

80 mins: NZ 39 ARG 0

Penalty Argentina at the scrum, with the Pumas now back to 15.

Boffelli kicks the penalty up to the Pumas 10-metre line as Argentina search for a consolation.

There's another penalty for Argentina, however, as R Ioane deliberately slaps down an attempted Argentinian mis-pass.

The Pumas will throw into the lineout inside the New Zealand half.

09:07 AM


New Zealand, somewhat surprisingly, kick to the posts after winning a penalty at a ruck.

Rubbing salt in!

09:05 AM

76 mins: NZ 36 ARG 0

Penalty New Zealand at the scrum, with Argentina still down to 14.

Barrett kicks almost up to the Argentina 22 as New Zealand search for the coup de grace.

09:02 AM

Jacobson's try

09:01 AM

74 mins: NZ 36 ARG 0

Argentina win a penalty for a silly New Zealand ruck infringement and kick to the corner, in search of a consolation.

It must be the first time they've been in the New Zealand 22 this half. Matera runs a ferocious short line to the Pumas into the 22 but Bosch, arguably the opposite of a 'super sub' here, knocks on.

Scrum to New Zealand inside their own half.

08:58 AM


J Barrett adds the easy extras for New Zealand.

And it's a bit of a rout.

08:57 AM


A simple No 8 pick from a dominant New Zealand scrum - and Jacobson bags his second.

The All Blacks have beaten Argentina up tonight in the Pumas' traditional areas of strength.

08:56 AM

68 mins: NZ 29 ARG 0

Tupaea with a huge carry first phase but Argentina work brilliantly to hold him up.

But there was an earlier offence at the scrum, so we go back for another scrum to New Zealand in the shadow of the Argentina posts.

08:53 AM


It is a double movement - and the try is scrubbed off.

But there will be a yellow card for Muzzio.

And New Zealand will scrum again.

08:51 AM


This is all a bit Exeter from New Zealand.

One try aside, their scores have been very rugged. And there's no change here, either, as they keep it tight before Blackadder bustles his way over.

But we are checking upstairs whether there was a double movement...

08:49 AM

66 mins: NZ 29 ARG 0

Well this is a bit... odd. They check a suspected a high tackle from Kremer, decide it's not illegal and all was fine, but still penalise him anyway.

But then Berry does not card him despite the fact Argentina are on a warning.

New Zealand elect another scrum.

08:46 AM

65 mins: NZ 29 ARG 0

New Zealand push forward again, despite Argentina winning a turnover - their exit was sloppy.

Matera gives away a terribly cynical penalty with the All Blacks five metres out. That's a warning for the Pumas but, in honesty, it's a stonewall yellow. I wonder, if Matera had already not been sin-binned, whether Berry would have gone to his pocket there.

In any case, New Zealand scrum under the posts.

08:43 AM

63 mins: NZ 29 ARG 0

It's a shocker of a lineout for Argentina, which culminates in a dummy throw by Bosch.

Free-kick to New Zealand, which they scrum.

McKenzie hits up in midfield and Argentina leak another penalty at the ruck - Matera, I think.

Barrett kicks to the corner...

08:41 AM

60 mins: NZ 29 ARG 0

Penalty Argentina at the scrum - again! - as Moody collapses.

An easy clearance now for the Pumas as they go in search of something... anything... on the scoreboard.

08:39 AM

59 mins: NZ 29 ARG 0

Is this a try? We're going upstairs.

It's more tight, accurate, close-quarter stuff from New Zealand, and Reece coming from the blindspot is over the line.

He stretches and they're checking whether he's grounded, but he hasn't, clearly, he's knocked on.

This will be a scrum five-metre Argentina.

08:37 AM

58 mins: NZ 29 ARG 0

No try - as expected.

Argentina clear with a drop-out which New Zealand return - Argentina have simply not been able to hold onto the ball.

J Barrett probes the Argentina back field but Bofelli's clearance only just passes the 22. New Zealand will attack from the lineout just outside the Pumas 22.

08:33 AM

55 mins: NZ 29 ARG 0

Argentina ring the changes, with Sanchez - who has broken the Argentina Test caps record - and Bruni departing.

New Zealand come flying back at Argentina, but Matera wins a great turnover on the floor and Argentina clear.

But it's relentless from the All Blacks, with that maul laying the foundations again.

Bridge chips into in-goal and Cordero scurries back to tidy up and clear - but his clearance doesn't find touch!

New Zealand come back and Bridge slides in the corner... but I'm not sure he ever got it down. We're going upstairs!

08:29 AM

That majestic New Zealand score

08:26 AM

50 mins: NZ 29 ARG 0

Matera returns, and that's a costly "10" minutes for Argentina.

That Jacobson try was also the bonus point secured for New Zealand, too.

08:24 AM


Another accurate strike from Jordie, and the lead is now 29.

Argentina had started the half lively, too, so that's a crushing blow.

08:23 AM


Wow. That's unspeakably good from New Zealand.

Argentina attack from the lineout in the All Blacks 22, but Kremer is penalised for an offside entry.

And off they go! Perenara links with Havili, who puts Bridge into space, charging into the Argentina half.

The Pumas defence is in disarray, and B Barrett steams through a hole, riding a couple of tackles before throwing the most sumptuous of blind offloads to Jacobson to score.

08:19 AM

45 mins: NZ 22 ARG 0

New Zealand have been fantastic at the maul, and they disrupt the Pumas' effort, winning a turnover when the ball is unplayable.

There's a bit of afters been Medrano and Aumua, but nothing more than handbags.

Good news for Argentina, though - another scrum penalty with Laulala collapsing!

08:17 AM

43 mins: NZ 22 ARG 0

Penalty Argentina as Tu'inukuafe is pinged for going on the angle.

Sanchez gives his team a lineout on halfway - perhaps they'll have a go ball in hand now?

08:16 AM

42 mins: NZ 22 ARG 0

Havili weaves and works some magic again, breaking the line in midfield, but his offload just cannot find Perenara in support.

He would have been under the sticks - as it is, Argentina will put into a scrum.

08:14 AM

Back under way

No changes in Queensland.

Will there be an Argentinian revival?

08:03 AM

New Zealand's first (quite ugly) try

08:02 AM

Half-time: NZ 22 ARG 0

It sounds a bit odd to say that Argentina defended well in that half but, driving maul aside, they did.

Nearly all of New Zealand's points have come from pressure applied from the maul. And, remember, at 34 minutes it was just 7-0 - it was quite some capitulation to end the half.

With ball in hand, Argentina have not really showed much which, at 22-0 down, is quite worrying.

As expected, the Ioane and Barrett quintet have been immaculate, as have Retallick, Bridge, Reece and Havilii.

For the Pumas, Montoya has been mammoth with others - Kremer, Matera and Moroni - providing good support. It just hasn't been enough.

07:59 AM


It's Jordie this time, and what a strike from wide on the left.

22-0 half-time for New Zealand. Ruthless.

07:57 AM


It's very costly!

Aumua throws to S Barrett and, with a forward down, Argentina are never stopping the New Zealand maul from there. And Papalii dots down.

Six minutes ago it was 7-0!

07:56 AM


It's a costly attack for Argentina. Matera is in the bin for competing off his feet at a ruck, which came after another powerful New Zealand maul and close-quarter attack.

Barrett back to the corner...

07:54 AM

40 mins: NZ 15 ARG 0

Argentina have one final attack before half-time but Sanchez kicks first-phase possession away on halfway, a chip that was never on. Strange.

The error is then compounded as they leak a holding-on penalty.

The half-time hooter has gone, but B Barrett kicks New Zealand to the corner. Is there another score in this?

07:52 AM


Oh that's a shocker from B Barrett - he'll be very disappointed with that.

It's a pretty straightforward attempt, and he shanks it left.

07:50 AM


It had been coming...

Another motoring maul from New Zealand - that's been their best weapon this half - before Reece's jinking at first receiver is too much for the Pumas defence.

07:49 AM

36 mins: NZ 10 ARG 0

Another well constructed attack from New Zealand - but Argentina do not give an inch.

Havili carries well, and Reece looks dangerous, before B Barrett puts another chip into in-goal for his brother but, once again, the ball is too quick for him.

We go back for a New Zealand penalty for offside.

07:46 AM


A routine shot for B Barrett and the All Blacks' lead is now 10.

07:45 AM

34 mins: NZ 7 ARG 0

Montoya again winning a turnover on the floor, but bad luck and some excellent work by Perenara means that New Zealand win the penalty.

The ball is loose from Montoya's steal, and when Bertranou drops on it he's isolated and Perenara wins the penalty.

B Barrett goes for goal.

07:43 AM

31 mins: NZ 7 ARG 0

The New Zealand maul has looked fearsome today, and there's another penalty eked out from it.

B Barrett kicks to the corner - and New Zealand will throw in.

07:40 AM

29 mins: NZ 7 ARG 0

Argentina survive again - they're clinging on!

B Barrett enters the ruck from a side and Sanchez clears to halfway, this time finding touch.

07:38 AM

28 mins: NZ 7 ARG 0

Phenomenal from Montoya!

Retallick wins a holding-on penalty inside his own half - and the All Blacks are off, with a sweeping attack upfield, which looks pretty comfortable.

As they get into the 22, however, Montoya gets over the ball like a limpet; the captain saves the Pumas and they clear to halfway.

But Sanchez misses touch! Back come the All Blacks...

07:35 AM


Sanchez chooses to have a very long-range pop at goal, but he pushes it to the right.

07:32 AM

22 mins: NZ 7 ARG 0

Some outstanding defence from the Pumas again. Bertranou with a turnover, a New Zealand error compounded by a Laulala no-arms clean-out - he has leaked a few penalties today.

Argentina clear to halfway and win a penalty from the lineout for a New Zealand offside in midfield.

07:30 AM

That earlier Laulala hit on Matera

I have to say live it looked legal, but maybe it should have been checked? Looks a little suspect from the below shot...

Laulala tackle on Matera - SKY SPORTS
Laulala tackle on Matera - SKY SPORTS

07:28 AM

18 mins: NZ 7 ARG 0

Supreme defence from Argentina as New Zealand go for some close-quarter, heavy-duty stuff, and Aumua is held up over the line.

In the old days, the Pumas would have the reward of defending a five-metre scrum, but not today - it's a goal-line drop-out.

07:26 AM

17 mins: NZ 7 ARG 0

Petti steals the lineout - again!

And Argentina clear up to halfway.

But Havili and Ioane intertwine beautifully in the midfield and the latter streaks away, but Cordero gets back just in time to intercept the scoring pass. The Argentine wing is bundled into touch, however, so it's another five-metre lineout for the Pumas to defend.

07:24 AM

15 mins: NZ 7 ARG 0

We're looking at a possible try for Jordie Barrett here after his brother puts a high bomb up.

He manages to ground the ball but he's surely standing in the dead ball area as he does. The TMO checks, and it is close, but he is out of play - no try.

We're back for a New Zealand penalty from the driving maul - which they kick to the corner...

07:22 AM

13 mins: NZ 7 ARG 0

Argentina's attack shows lots of potential once again, with Sanchez and Moroni combining delightfully to approach the All Blacks 22.

But the later organisation lets them down, and a sloppy pass to Gigena in midfield turns the ball over.

Ioane pounces, Perenara kicks downfield, and Delguy has to clear under pressure to the Argentina 22.

But the Pumas steal the lineout and clear - great work.

07:19 AM


B Barrett curls it round from the left-hand side of the sticks.

New Zealand, as ever, so clinical.

07:18 AM


Out of nowhere... but this is going upstairs.

A quick lineout from the All Blacks, Reece carries in midfield like a truck, and B Barrett spots the gap.

His pass is inaccurate but it's slapped backwards by Delguy, and R Ioane is on hand to collect and dot down.

07:16 AM

10 mins: NZ 0 ARG 0

A strong, punchy attack from the All Blacks gets them into the Argentina 22, with Ioane (x2) carrying well, and a couple of good lines from the Barrett trio.

But Jacobson's final pass is a poor one, flying straight into touch, and Argentina clear from the lineout.

Montoya has been wonderfully competitive at the breakdown, incidentally.

07:14 AM

8 mins: NZ 0 ARG 0

The Argentina attack is a little clunky and it's you know who, Mr Retallick, one of the game's greats, over the ball to win a holding-on penalty.

07:13 AM

6 mins: NZ 0 ARG 0

All there is to say is that Kremer and Matera love playing against New Zealand, it seems. Two of Argentina's stars from 2020 - and two of the best players in the world - have been totally out of sorts so far this year - but not today!

Jordie Barrett spills a high bomb after putting the up and under in and, as Argentina look to attack in midfield, Laulala is stranded offside.

Sanchez gives the Pumas a lineout on the New Zealand 22.

07:09 AM

3 mins: NZ 0 ARG 0

New Zealand knock on in the wide channels and Argentina look to counter!

A good carry from Gigena and a silky step from Sanchez create momentum, but then there's a spill from the Pumas in midfield.

The All Blacks will put in to the scrum just inside their own half.

07:07 AM



New Zealand get us under way. Matera is underneath it and carries hard but he is absolutely train-wrecked by Laulala. That was a car crash.

Regardless, Argentina clear and New Zealand will throw in on halfway.

07:06 AM

That's the anthems and haka over and done with...

Here we go!

07:01 AM

Five minutes until kick-off - what to expect?

The fiery Latin core at the heart of the Argentinian effort means they can never be taken lightly, but surely there is little to no chance that they will repeat their heroics from last year. Against South Africa, they looked a few notches away from their best - hardly ideal when your next opposition is the All Blacks.

New Zealand, as ever, have looked consummate in their victories over the Wallabies, improving with every game under head coach Ian Foster. They are fallible, however, and are not quite at the level we expect from the dominant nation in world rugby, but they will have little issue today in the neutral venue of Queensland.

06:59 AM

Lienert-Brown and Sam Whitelock out for New Zealand

Morning all and welcome to our live coverage.

The most important news before kick-off is that Anton Lienert-Brown has pulled out of the New Zealand team to face Argentina.

The centre has been forced to withdraw from the meeting with the Pumas due to a hamstring strain and has been replaced in Ian Foster's starting line-up by Rieko Ioane.

Lienert-Brown's absence also means Quinn Tupaea will take Ioane's place on the bench for the game on Australia's Gold Coast.

Here are the teams

New Zealand: J. Barrett, Reece, R. Ioane, Havili, Bridge, B. Barrett, Perenara, Tuinukuafe, Aumua, Laulala, Retallick, S. Barrett, A. Ioane, Papali'i, Jacobson. Replacements: Taukeiaho, Moody, Lomax, Vaa'i, Blackadder, Weber, McKenzie, Tupaea.

Argentina: Mallia, Delguy, Moroni, de la Fuente, Carreras, Sanchez, Bertranou, Gigena, Montoya, Medrano, Petti, Alemanno, Matera, Kremer, Bruni. Replacements: Bosch, Muzzio, Pieretto, Lavanini, Gonzalez, Garcia, Chocobares, Boffelli.

Referee: Nic Berry (Australia)

In other news this morning, New Zealand captain Sam Whitelock will not feature in the remainder of this season's Rugby Championship due to quarantine issues, the All Blacks have announced.

Whitelock did not travel to Australia with the rest of the All Blacks squad for the competition as he, Richie Mo'unga and Aaron Smith, remained in New Zealand on paternity leave.

The final matches in four-nation competition are being played in Queensland from Sunday until Oct. 2, but the 32-year-old was unable to secure a place in quarantine in Australia early enough to be available.

"Samuel Whitelock is to stay in New Zealand and will miss the rest of the Rugby Championship," New Zealand Rugby said in a statement.

"The timing of arrival meant that Whitelock would have exited his two weeks' hard quarantine with not enough time for a tight forward to safely prepare to play against South Africa on October 2.

"New Zealand Rugby understands that quarantine spots in Queensland are limited and are hugely appreciative of the efforts by Queensland Health, Rugby Australia and SANZAAR in assisting with this matter."

Mo'unga, however, will arrive in Queensland on Tuesday and is expected to be available for the meeting with the world champion Springboks.

Whitelock will return to the All Blacks squad for their tour of the northern hemisphere, which begins on Oct. 23 when they face the United States.

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