Celebrities Wearing Bikinis: Summer 2017

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment & Lifestyle

In honor of #NationalBikiniDay or #InternationalBikiniDay (depending on which list of fake holidays you’re looking at), here are stars looking sizzling in two pieces so far this summer.

Miley Cyrus in a bikini

#NationalBikiniDay? Whatevs. These stars celebrate their beach bodies more than once a year. Here’s Miley Cyrus marking the star of summer — with Liam Hemsworth’s giant dog, Dora the Explorer — in an itty bitty red bikini. (Photo: Miley Cyrus via Instagram)

Kendall Jenner in a bikini

Swimwear or underwear? Kendall Jenner had us asking that very question on the Fourth of July. The answer? Some things just aren’t black and white — though this is and we still have no clue. (Photo: Kendall Jenner via Instagram)

Lupita Nyong’o in a bikini

Lupita Nyong’o joked that this pic, taken on the Fourth of July was “totally candid.” Well, she found her light amid a backdrop of pretty hydrangea. (Photo: Lupita Nyong’o via Instagram)

Ariel Winter in a bikini

Pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, olives, and Ariel Winter? Well, we prefer our pizza with fewer toppings, but to each his own. (Photo: Ariel Winter via Instagram)

Bethenny Frankel in a bikini

“Work hard, play harder,” the Real Housewives of New York star captioned this photo taken in the Bahamas. Can we add to the end: “catfight hardest”? Just a suggestion. But, hey, nice bikini. (Photo: Bethenny Frankel via Instagam)

Lea Michele in a bikini

Just peachy! Those two words sum up Lea Michele’s recent girls’ trip to Hawaii. Though she actually summed it up in one emoji: the peach! (Photo: Lea Michele via Instagram)

Olivia Munn in a bikini

Olivia Munn celebrated her 37th birthday with gal pals in Turks & Caicos and pretty much her entire wardrobe was bathing suits. As you do. (Photo: Olivia Munn via Instagram)

Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini

While her “big boobs” may keep her from getting jobs (that’s her recent claim), they don’t hurt her social media clicks. This pic has nearly 1 million likes on Instagram. (Photo: Emily Ratajkowski via Instagram)

Padma Lakshmi in a bikini

The Top Chef judge has said she gains weight during each season of her food show. “Week 5 of filming and hips getting rounder, thighs getting thicker…” she wrote from a stop in Colorado. Though never enough to keep her from rocking a bikini. Go, girl. (Photo: Padma Lakshmi via Instagram)

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