You Don’t Need Celebrities to See Wild Style at Kentucky Derby

Every year, Louisville, Ky., hosts its main event for horse racing, bourbon drinking, and freakishly garish style — and this year, the 143rd annual event, is no different. Typically, a survey of Churchill Downs will remind one of the good old days, with ladies sporting the widest-brimmed hats they can find, but the gentlemen are not left out of the spotlight, with overly groomed facial hair, giant cigars, and themed hats galore. Unlike at events on the coasts, you don’t need celebrities in attendance to see wild style at the Kentucky Derby.

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The hat and the cigar

A man and woman walk around Churchill Downs, perfect examples of two mainstays at the Derby: a cigar and a wide-brimmed hat. (Photo: Getty Images)

The beard and the coat

A man sports both a well-groomed beard and a mustache-themed coat. (Photo: Getty Images)

The purple hat

Bright colors are de rigueur on Derby Day. (Photo: Getty Images)

The flamingo hat

Hats with things on top of them are also of the Derby Day style. In this case, she went with flamingos. (Photo: Scott Serio/Eclipse Sportswire/Getty Images)

The wild pants

Guys can express their wild style in wild pants just as well as in hats and coats. (Photo: Getty Images)

The everything

Mustaches, beards, hats, colors — everything in sync for strutting around Churchill Downs. (Photo: Scott Serio/Eclipse Sportswire/Getty Images)

The bright green hat

A woman wears an exuberant display of bright colors. (Photo: Getty Images)

The green and pink hat

If only there were other days of the year she could wear it. (Photo: Jesse Caris/Eclipse Sportswire/Getty Images)

The colors

Sometimes the wildness is expressed in the colors, while presenting a simpler format. (Photo: Getty Images)

The black and white hat

A classic example of a fancy Derby hat. (Photo: Getty Images)

The pink beard

Something tells us this isn’t his everyday style. (Photo: Getty Images)

The hat with the horses

This couple is sporting fancy hats together for the occasion. (Photo: Jesse Caris/Eclipse Sportswire/Getty Images)

The horse hat

Simple and to the point. (Photo: Getty Images)

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