'Justice League' Crashes Comic-Con: See the Costumes, Batmobile, and Lego Flash

Marcus Errico
Deputy Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

DC has invited a few of its super friends to the Comic-Con party. Here, neatly assembled in glass enclosures (which look not unlike The Collector’s menagerie from a certain rival universe) are Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg sporting their costumes from this November’s Justice League. The team (sans Superman) is the centerpiece of the publisher’s booth, prominently located in the main thoroughfare of the San Diego Convention Center. Yahoo Movies got up close with the heroes; click through for our snaps from the show floor.


The king of Atlantis is played by Jason Momoa (Photo: Marcus Errico/Yahoo Movies)


Ray Fisher’s half-man, half-machine hero is powered by alien energy.(Photo: Marcus Errico/Yahoo Movies)

The Flash

Ezra Miller’s scarlet speedster slowed down enough for us to get a good look at his supersuit,
crafted to harness the Speed Force. (Photo: Marcus Errico/Yahoo Movies)

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot’s Amazon warrior costume appears largely unchanged. (Photo: Marcus Errico/Yahoo Movies)


Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne has made some modifications to his Caped Crusader costume. (Photo: Marcus Errico/Yahoo Movies)


The Dark Knight’s newest ride is parked across the floor at the Mattel booth. (Photo: Marcus Errico/Yahoo Movies)

The Flash

Next door to the DC booth is Lego, which has this life-sized version of the hero on display. (Photo: Marcus Errico/Yahoo Movies)

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